Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | “All In” | Medical Drama Review

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100 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | “All In” | Medical Drama Review

  1. You are awesome! I normally do not comment on videos, but you make it so easy to watch! I love the commentary. Chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions! I will never forget that now! You have taught me more in 4 videos than I have learned watching all 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy!!! (Which I think you should watch more of) Thank you for all you do!

  2. I think the reason House jumps to such rare desieses is that he's a rare desiese specialist.. I've been dealing with Chronic Ideopathic Uteracia for 18 years and been thrown to dermatologists and allergists with no results as the case is not allergies and the bloodwork comes out negative.

    Now new studies are showing up for unusual cases of utecaria that's getting traction for new possible cures… But it took specialists who cared enough to search deeper than the aspirin diagnosis guide…. House ould be one who specializes in researching such cases, I think.

  3. Just when you think this guy couldn't possibly get any cooler, he just casually drops that he was a semi-professional poker player.

  4. I have no schooling so im probably wrong, but everyone on House's team is a specialist. So they have the ability to do almost all of the test themselves. I also believe that sense its such a specialized service that house offers. He dose not want other doctors making mistakes on his exceptionally rare cases.

  5. I have never seen him this passionate about an episode before. I think it's partly bcuz it was a child going under all House's whimsical nd partly bcuz he hates House's ego XD

  6. You know, house is, in fact, sherlock holmes.
    Holmes without the t is homes homes Are usually in houses.
    His Best Friend is James willson. Clearly a hint to John watson.
    He lives in 221b baker street.
    Comes throu impossible ways to the right Option. Not good with people, packed with Tones of knowlege, nobody would learn for fun, adicted to drugs.
    You need more references?
    Oh and im writing this with freshly painted nails, so you See, im serious 😀

  7. Probably late to the party here but I’m happy to find someone as upset about lack of chest compressions during coding

  8. One of the reasons I like House MD is some of the crazy stuff House does is not ignored by the show but acknowledged as crazy. Look on everyones faces when he asks for a biopsy out of the blue, and how everyone (not just main characters, also other people in the hospital that show up once in X time) reacts to those decisions House makes. They even confront him over the way he proceeds several times through the show.

    It's obviously for dramatic purposes but at least the show indirectly tells the audience "hey, this is not normal, this is not how it usually works.".

  9. I like that he picks up on an issue with dr house straight away and makes a point, but it's the point the episode tries to make too.

  10. i always excepted everything this show had to show,just because i was fascinated by THOMAS BOLTE. always thought this what his lyf would be solving unsolvable puzzles.

  11. I really enjoyed this video. This is on of my favorite House MD episodes by far and I SO WANTED A MEDICAL OPINION OF IT. Thank you for this. If you are going to keep doing this with House MD, Try S2E15 "Clueless". I think you will enjoy it too…

  12. Not sure but I don’t think that they are residents, they are just doctors part of his team, they are all specialist and foreman got job offers to lead his own team but still in the end chose to be a part of houses team

  13. The best part was doing cardiac biopsy! I couldn't get the point whether they suspected coxsackie or not due to my poor english but definitely we never do cardiac biopsy for that. We treat the patient before he goes into heart failure😂

  14. I watch all of the doctor watches" or what ever but when I watch house with my mum I point out all the stuff I "learn" from these videos. My mum gets PISSED at me. Love ya guys

  15. Doc, Please react to Iryu Team Medical Dragon. Its a Japanese medical
    series. I've watched two seasons, its about, politics on hospital,
    Medicine, new medical techniques and in over exaggerated fashion
    because? (Japanese).

  16. As one of House's junkie, here's my recommendation:
    S03 E07 Son of a Coma Guy (warning: keep in mind this is just a TV series)
    S03 E23 The Jerk (House find a patient he genuinely hates)
    S04 E14 Living the Dream (yes House is a genius, he also has obsession with soap opera)

    S05 E16 The Softer Side (I think this will be perfect if you want to do House no.4 on youtube. You'll know why once you watch it.)

  17. You almost didn't said your total opinion about the show

    You just kept laughing for no reason
    Why did u even made this video!?

  18. Fyi, Dr. Cameron, Chase,and Forman. Are not residents, they are doctors with specializes. Immunity, surgical, and neurological. I think it was in 1st few episodes.

  19. Dr. Mike, what do u think abt post fellowship in "infectious diseases" ??
    Aftr seeing House MD i m going to do infectious dz.. what do u think, is there real fun in it???

  20. Omg i was 6 months pregnant and I had to have a appendectomy and at the time I was living in this tiny town on the water in Florida and they had to call in a surgeon, and this old man walks in and comes to talk to me saying I’m sorry it took me so long I was at a party and he smelled of alcohol so so badly it was filling up the little space I was in and I’m thinking omg that man is not touching me tonight! So I was younger I was afraid to speak up so I said to the nurse we are not doing this tonight right! And I’m like winking at her with my eyes huge, lol like hoping she’s catching why I’m saying this! and she’s like ummm yeah,,,,the doctors going to call your OB and we’ll be back in. I was like omg there’s no way! I’ll be dead and so will my baby if that man touches me. Thank God!!!!! Some other doctor came in and was like he feels like this can wait until tomorrow so we’re going to consult with your OB in the am. I was like yeah what you mean is the surgeon can barely walk much less operate so we’re really hoping you can hang in there girl! Omg I have so many horror stories of Florida doctors. Lol omg.

  21. They're not residents!!!! They're a team of doctors, one is a neurologist, another is a surgeon and an infecthologist i guess

  22. Bla, bla, bla, blah. I couldn't sit out this video and this video has nothing to do with a review. I've seen a view episodes of House and I think it it's absolutely disgusting (and this is besides of the behaviour of House) . This series have absolutely nothing to do with healing. In all the episodes patients are guinea pigs and they try something new every hour or less. They apply chemo therapy like it's not of importance and change it an hour later???? Imagine that, you're poured with chemicals in your body that can cause cancer to fight cancer? Nobody gets that. But what if they poured chemo in your body and change their mind after an hour? The damage is then done. In this series it looks like it's completely normal that you try every Big Pharma drug or chemical on you!!! It's time to inform us how we really should heal our bodies and stop this nonsense and waist of time. I feel really more connected to the serie dr. Mc. Quinn. In all the subjects I've investigated I found out that ancient history is more of value and reliable.

  23. I’d like to see your take on Season 5 Episode 20 of House called “Simple Explanation”

    If you do decide to do it please watch it without researching it at all and fans no spoilers pls, if you haven’t ever heard of it that is..

    It was a pretty big statement at the time especially for a major broadcast network.

  24. Us pilots have a rule: "8 hours bottle to throttle" Can't drink 8 hours before flying. Isn't there a similar 4 hours drinking to cutting rule?

  25. Dr. Mike, absolutely love your videos and was having a good laugh at this one until the part where the child had an anaphylactic reaction. Maybe I’m reading too far into it, but it seemed you became uneasy during this scene. Sort of like a post-traumatic reaction. I know many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals see and deal with scenarios that I can only imagine the emotional distress it could cause. My wife is working to become a nurse, and has talked about either working in the ICU or in the ER (specifically as a forensic nurse). Would love for you to do a video on mental health and how you cope with the aftermath.

  26. Ok. Since most of you came here for truth, here’s some truth for you.

    I’m a medical lab scientist and we are the ones that look under the microscope and do the testing. As well as histotechs and other lab-titled people with bachelor’s degrees plus additional education. Under NO circumstances has a doctor from a unit EVER come down to the lab to look at something at the 3 hospitals I’ve worked at over the past 5 years except for 1 oncology doctor a few times. They’re just not trained to do that. I like to think of it as we give the doctors the puzzle pieces to actually correctly solve the puzzle.

    When you see doctors on tv shows looking under microscopes and making discoveries— that’s false. Unless maybe it was pathologist (they oversee the lab world and frequently review our work and communicate with patients’ doctors). Your doctor told you that you have malaria? That’s because I happened to find it in 0.10% of your red blood cells and confirmed it (true story). Your doctor told you that you have a brain infection? That’s because us lab techs looked at your CSF under the microscope and found bacteria or cryptococcus and a high number of white blood cells. Your doctor told you that you have gout? We found the crystals in your knee fluid. You have a gun shot wound? We make sure blood and platelets and plasma are out the door for you super stat AND are compatible. Fun fact—O Negative blood is not magically compatible for everyone.. don’t get me started on antibodies. (Side note PSA make sure you have a type and screen done before your surgery and ask your doctor if your screen is positive.. if it is, you will need to make sure he/she has a couple units of compatible blood available before surgery just in case.. it can be a lengthy work-up. You’re welcome.) And that’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. If we miss something, your doc misses something.

    There’s a whole 2nd world to the hospital that no one realizes and the hospital wouldn’t survive without it unless docs are good at hunches and symptoms.
    I could keep going..
    Maybe only 1 person reads this and is enlightened that there’s an unknown bunch of stressed people in a basement trying to help your caregivers make correct diagnoses. Or not. Oh well, we’ve already accepted being widely and extremely under appreciated. (Until we watch shows like House 😂) Slightly disappointed Dr Mike didn’t mention us lab people. Maybe in another video?
    A Medical lab scientist that cares about you or your loved one even though you will never see my face. 💖

  27. Do doctors follow the same thought process as the doctors in House and Greys do? Do they write on the board the symptoms and look at past cases to help get a better idea?

  28. Great entertainment Dr. Mike. If you wanna catch two birds with one stone, you might want to watch the Episode of scrubs where they make fun of the way a typical episode of House is structured.
    It's called My House, 6×04!

  29. Great to see hes googling those rare diseases^ – what Id love to see is a closer look (with slowmo or pausing) at those echos. Can those things where theyre are fingerpointing at 8:10 really be seen? "how accurate" are those?

  30. asking d. mike to watch medical shows is like asking a programmer to watch "FBI hackers " its so cringe and unwatchable also not realistic

  31. I took a CPR class because it’s required for any staff working at our front desks in the hospital I work for and seeing them not doing the chest compressions is irritating!!

  32. Dr. Mike I love your videos. This one had me laughing with the “do chest compressions “ over and over! I’m just now watching House, on the 5th season.

  33. Patient: comes in with flu like symptoms
    Dr. Formeman: its the flu
    Dr. House: Did you search for legos in his ass?
    Everyone: Oh shit, you right.

  34. 3:30

    Him saying "House jumping to those conclusion from just those few symptoms of the little boy", at that moment I remember that the reason House did that was because of a case he had in the past similar to this which he failed so he didn't want that same mistake done again.

    Things fit too brilliantly.

  35. Don’t find it weird like he is literally in the “What the f is going on with this” department and he just goes into other peoples cases and is lucky 😂😂

  36. theyre actually fellows, chase is a cardiologist, foreman is a neurologist, cameron is an immunologist, house is a nephrologist/pathologist/infectious disease doctor in training, their department is actually called "diagnostic medicine" after all lol

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