Research on Voluntary Patient-Centered Prescription Opioid Tapering

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Some of the problems with long-term opioid
use for chronic pain is that, in many cases, that might have been the only option that
was given to patients when, in fact, we know that chronic pain is best treated with a multidisciplinary
treatment approach that involves self-management and psychological strategies alongside some
medical treatments as well. We don’t have good evidence for how to help
patients best reduce use of prescription opioids and many patients are interested in reducing
their use of prescription opioids, but we lack solutions and evidence to best support
any one treatment pathway, so what we’re doing is conducting patient-centered opioid
tapering in 1,300 patients who are taking long-term prescription opioids and then we
are randomizing 900 of those patients to one of three groups. They get assigned to one of our two evidence-based
pain classes, or they get assigned to a taper-only group, and this will allow us to test which
of our two evidence-based treatments works best and for whom and how those evidence-based
classes compare to just taper-only. Now we hypothesize that these pain classes
which empower patients to control their own pain and symptoms as much as possible will
allow patients to better reduce their prescription opioids without actually having increases
in pain and that’s so important because we don’t aim to just reduce opioids; we
want to help people live better within the context of chronic pain and also develop effective
strategies so that they’re managing pain on a daily basis. Patients have been involved at all levels
of designing the study and advising on its implementation. Two unique aspects of our study: we have 13
investigator or investigator team members who have lived experience with chronic pain
and/or opioid tapering. Additionally, we’re utilizing patient advisory
panels locally within each clinic and also we’re utilizing a national patient advisory
panel, and we believe that this ensures that our methods are acceptable to patients broadly,
that we are attending carefully to patient needs, and we believe that this will allow
our final output from this study to be more widely adopted by patients
and by healthcare systems, so we’re excited about that
component of our study.

One thought on “Research on Voluntary Patient-Centered Prescription Opioid Tapering

  1. This is just the typical hippie bullshit that everyone just needs needs to rely on "natural" ways to reduce pain. It might work for SOME people, but that doesn't mean that it's what's best for every god damn human being. I bet you also think that eating gluten free will cure chronic pain lol. What a fucking joke.

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