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My name is Yawen Cheng and I’m an internal
medicine physician. There are a couple of reasons why I chose
to be a doctor. One aspect of it is as a diagnostician,
I feel that I’m solving little mini mysteries on a daily basis. And for someone who grew up loving, you know,
murder or investigative mysteries, it really satisfies that cerebral part of
me. The even more satisfying parts
about being a doctor and why I chose it is that I get to do these
things while, you know, being a part of someone’s healthcare journey,
helping someone in a very meaningful way and getting the chance to cross paths with
people that I may not otherwise have come across
in life. And, you know, I feel that being a doctor,
being in medicine transcends so many boundaries. It’s important for everyone to get regular
checkups. You know, whether you’re a 20 year old who
believes you’re invincible or if you’re someone who’s chronically ill,
taking a laundry list of medications and seeing multiple different specialists. Everyone needs to have regular checkins with
a doctor to make sure they’re on the path to a healthy
and happy life. So my philosophy when it comes to caring for
patients is about empowerment. Now I believe in empowering patients through
education and just providing them the right tools so they can take ownership of their health
and wellbeing. When someone chooses me as their primary care
physician, you know, I like to believe that they’d be getting a
physician who is caring, compassionate, has, you know, fresh perspective
and is very passionate and takes pride in their work.

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