Skilled Wound Care Physician

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working for skill wound care is actually a fantastic job and it’s very enriching and when you start doing it you’ll find that you become extremely passionate about it you continue to learn and you will actually continue to enjoy being able to provide medicine medical care of as opposed to the typical hours of working in the hospital where you’re carrying a beeper and you are on call all the time we do not have any physicians who are on call our providers get to go out in the open road go to different nursing facilities and we follow a hub and spoke model where physicians will travel to a specific geographic area and visit anywhere from two to three nursing facilities a day plus it also provides an opportunity for new level of freedom and a new level of enrichment when you’re actually providing care for you get a certain level of satisfaction when you knowing that you’re helping people normally wouldn’t get help when you’re helping residents when the past wounds weren’t healing and now you actually get them healing in the right direction and there’s nothing more satisfying than actually helping your patient improve we expect that the population of patients who are above the age of 65 to double by the year twenty twenty so there’s a lot of opportunity in seeing this patient population but also this is very rewarding because we get to see hands-on right before our eyes feeling my advice for anybody looking to be employed at school care is to definitely sign up because we are an upbeat company we’re really fast-paced and we enjoy working in a team work environment so we’re always going to be reaching for better opportunities for our staff and for skilled wound care

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