SPACE DOCTOR | Surgeon Simulator VR #6 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

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*Wapoosh* Top o’ the morning to ya laddies, My Name is Jacksepticeye! and welcome back! to Surgeon Simulator Hello, who is it? Hello? Yes… No, half four… Yeah, that’s when you come in for your rectal exam. Ok thank you! Goodbye! right so I have to figure out how I access these ehm these other operations, the space ones I don’t know how I do it but people said to use the discs is.. is this…? is this it? that’s controls ok what’s the question mark? Loading.. “Nigel, we’ve been watching your performance we require your services in a special mission. By inserting this disk you have agreed to come and help us and an agent will be along pick you up immediately do not be alarmed stand by” what is happening? Am I becoming an astronaut? The world’s first docstronaut?! ooooh Jesus huh… uhm… OH NO!.. YOU BLEW IT UP!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! Can I get out? I wanna get out I don’t wanna be here I didn’t agree to this Fuck sake ..all the way up in space Well what am I supposed to do? what surgery is this, wait this.. wait what the fuck do these do? oh! oh! god! ooh! I fucking.. apologies! sorry captain! ehm… no! Get the fuck outta here Note to self [laughs] It just went [fart noise] Note to self: when in space, mess with everything wait, does this actually move us up and down? I don’t know what I’m doing, but this is fun WEEEEEEE!! [laughs] Alright, okay you’re very important. you come here. can you just open? Fuck sake Yeah it’s a heart, ok, close, close! What’s happening?! Ooh shit! he’s losing blood, why?! the fucking stuff hit him in the head! ahh Jezus! ok, Bob!!! Hold on!! there we go We gotcha, you’re just up in space Bob ok let’s bring up the gravity a small bit there we go. That’s fucking cool! Right Bob! Let’s mess your shit up! I am an fucking expert at this now Like, one two crack, crack! Oh Bob, we’re in space, the same forces don’t apply ok, I was gonna beat the shit out of you harder then I mean, I don’t want to Bob But the game is making me do it okay, we can send this little alien back to where he belongs There you go little buddy you’re free now! propagate and be with your people Fucking, don’t cha hate it when you’re trying to operate and the bones are just floating around everywhere what are you telling me?! what’s happening? Are we being invaded?! BOMB THE ALIENS!! I don’t know what’s going on, hup whaaowwww That’s cool, get the fuck away from me ya freaky bastard Right, I need le scalpel Oh look, there is one right here Daintily does it, are y’all watching? Fucking nobody’s listening to me Right, ok, you cut in here, right there Right under “splanglieic glanglic” yuup that’s what he has and then you cut down here and then that comes out and then you can blow into this like an instrument [fails miserably] I was a fucking…., I was good at it in college I’m not good at it anymore, leave me alone and then, wait where is heart? This is not cutting well Ehm, in my experience the heart comes out much easier than this Look at it float away Ahh, dainty little thing And then you take out this baboons heart No! Noooo! Shit! Ok, come back! come back please, come back this way Mr. heart come back, come back, there we go, there we go Ah! Got it! Fucking nailed it!! Yeahhh!!! Whooo!! Zero gravity dance party [weird groans] Up we go! Wait, hold on a fucking minute there is something outside the window, how did that get out there? one of the things I threw went out through the wall oh shit! ah fuck! I knocked down my bonsai tree Here ya go lil’ buddy, I knocked down my plant As long as i didn’t knock down Darse A fucking C?! Sweet Jesus, you know what? It doesn’t matter if i have all the gravity or fucking none of it, I can still do these operations Cause I’m the best surgeon! And the best dancer, what else? yes the best listener, you’re welcome Ok, let’s begin operation let’s get the kidneys and get them the fuck outta here Kidneys no one likes ya and nobody wants ya more importantly, ok… traverse, traverse the space objects, ok ,don’t get stabbed in the face by the kidney sword ehm okay I can do this I believe in myself I mean it doesn’t fucking matter if you guys believe in me or not ok I’m full of pills and i’m loaded up Bob and i’m fucking ready to go Okay this needs to come out, cut and strut that’s what I like to say Bob See? the benefits of space everybody oh sweet fucking Jesus the benefits of space is that you just cut something out and then it just goes. it’s it’s great it’s great it’s very hygenic it’s very good, get the fuck out of here, and you need to stay here you are the most important part everything else can just fuck right off this is super weird by the way is just to see everything floating really makes me feel like I would be in space Except i’m weighted down How does that make sense? shut up with your fucking alarms I don’t care oh god oh god do not stab my patient do not fucking stab my patient!!! FUCK SAKE!!! why do I not remember where to cut any of these things Cut the fucking thing!!! Aahhhh! there we go the fuck out of here, where is the green needle there we go what the fuck is that music doin is somebody dead… where is it… it’s on the fuckin floor. Right, okay, we got this I could still do this if my name is not Jackaboy Esquire Magee Right, get this shit outa here any, any thing that’s in there that can come out should come out GET OUTA HERE!! ok now lets stab in here Ahhh,float it out like a butterfly watch like a butterfly ah and it drifts through space. Now let’s cut out the kidneys The kidneys, you don’t fuck… Oh Jesus Christ!! I told ya, space is awesome for this stuff OK where’d my needle go WHERE’D MY NEEDLE GO?! it’s on the fuckin ground You’re gonna make it Bob! Damn it! STAY WITH ME DAMNIT!!! we’re not goin back to Earth AH shit! fuck! ok go in Kobe dunk it dunk the kidney is the other one still in here? It is ok No get back in there KOBE I’m goin in YES! *German accent* I’ve saved anzer one! I am the best doctar! Where are my ballons? UM? NURSE! that’s it I’m getin outa, I’m getin out of this Oh my fuckin god I didn’t think that would work oh no oh sweet mother of Jesus, ah Christ I’m comin! I wonder can I actually walk out of this Ah, nope. oh fuckin hell. That is scary ok out you go It’s just gonna drift through space now It’s using Newton’s third law of motion that which can go outside in space will go outside in space Out ya go! There you go, there. I got rid of the alien Bob Ya don’t have an alien in ya anymore. Can I push this? Can I grab this? Can I pull it back in? Can I do somethin? That’s scary, I don’t like it. *German accent* AH, anozer day anozer successful operration. *accent cont* No need to sank me I will just sign my name and be out of here. Let me sign my name. Doctor *returns to speaking voice* uh, I’m just Dr. Schneep for today yes class write it down, write it down WRITE IT DOWN!! there’s goin to be a fucking test at the end of the week you don’t have this stuff down you’re gonna fail the test and you can’t go off to Doctor college then who’s gonna be laughing? ME Ah! of course the brain the digestive system of the human as everybody knows wait do not press whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo oh you should know by now that if you put a “do not press” sign in front of Jackaboy aw shit, aw shit aw Bob oh I’m sorry we’re goin down. oh god the whole fuckin thing turns Oh my god this is making me dizzy. Oh No. ua-hu-hua oh it’s like being in one of those fuckin haunted house things Oh no! I want up! I want up ok let’s do this properly Bob left it wouldn’t be space without my lightsaber so here we go don’t blink, close your eyes Bob here we go if you smell a slight burning that’s normal it’s just your brains clearly not fucking working we’re going to have to opt for a better solution Bob! at the count of three sneeze. 1-2-3 *crack* Hey it fuckin worked! and people told me I could never be a Doctor because I was a carpenter before little do they know I’m still carpenting doctors are human carpenters! What’s this shit I was also I I fuck sake if I didn’t have fingers coated in marjarine I was also a jouster. See fuckin pop, pop goes the weasel pop goes the Schneeple Gimme the brain, gimme the brain. NO! BRAIN!! FUCK SAKE!! GET IN THERE!! OOH I FUCKIN DID IT!! Aw! Yah ya can’t fucking get me aliens Jack’s here all day with his fucking nipple tassels YES this one goes out to you Bob, this one goes out to you you’re the real MVP *inhales* [high pitched] Aw ya! fuckin high as a kite now dudes well that does it for this episode of surgeon sim in VR Jesus Christ, I don’t know what’s wrong with Bob I don know why he’s always, he always has bad teeth, bad eyes bad kidneys, bad heart, bad brain What the fuck is wrong with him and now we’re up in space Is he like some sort a, like, space president? Why do I have to go up and help them? I mean I know I am the world’s greatest doctor but I’m not space’s greatest doctor have you ever heard of dr. [weird sound] [weird noise] from planet Gordnor? He’s the best! I’m never going to be that good I’m never going to be as good as [Weird noise again] He’s too fucking good.. but thank you guys so much for watching this episode If you liked it, KICK that
like button, IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around! *wapoosh* *wapoosh* Thank you guys And I will see all you dudes, in the next video! [music] I had in my head to say kick, and then for some reason I forgot what the rest of my outro was?…

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  1. Actually it’s the 1st law of motion “an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by another force” but since it’s space it’ll keep going close tho

  2. Man 1: hey man what’s going on? I haven’t seen you since college!
    Man 2: I know right? You still keeping up with band?
    Man 1: Yeah dude, I still play the esophagus

  3. once i was playing surgeon simulator vr in space i try to beak the rib cage with a hammer it did nothing i threw it away and guess what

    A PILL BROKE IT out of no where a FLYING BY PILL taps his rib cage tightly and it EXPLODED

  4. Last week I was cleaning the roof of my house and I found a lung that said “belongs to bob” on it…

    Reply for claims

  5. ok doc.
    heres my essay
    Finely use the kidney sword to cut out ze alien this will expose the frickin worm alien remove that with ze nief then get le big worm out with ze neef (totally different things) then use ze spoeen nief (ultimate nief) to remove ze important things then get ze spare important things and chuck em in the Important space to complete the operation, then make sure ze alien is ejected from the spaceship, also eject the frickin worm alien

  6. If i came out of surgery that jack did I will give into jebus even more (jebus is the God of all the dang *memes*)

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