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Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, I’m going to be talking about the top
oils you want to stop consuming immediately. These oils are inflammatory. They’ve been linked to heart disease, cancer,
weight gain, and a whole lot of other health issues. So I’m going to tell you the oils to stop
consuming, and then turn you on to some healthy oils that you want to make sure you’re getting
in your diet every single week on today’s show. Also, hey, do me a favor. Help me spread the message that food is medicine. Take a minute right now. Punch that Share button. Click that Like button. Let’s transform the health of the world together,
right now. All right. We’re going to dive right in and talk about
some of the top oils you should stop consuming immediately, and also some of their side effects
that you want to make sure you’re staying away from. So number one here, vegetable oil. Here are some of the dangers of consuming
vegetable oils. Number one, GMO ingredients. We know genetically-modified organisms have
had the DNA wired in of pesticides and herbicides, and other chemicals. These are toxic to your body, and one of the
side effects is it kills off good bacteria in your gut known as “probiotics.” Now, the less probiotics you have, the weaker
your immune system becomes. The less vitamins and minerals, and nutrients
you can actually absorb. So we know that GMO ingredients are dangerous
to the body, because they’re so highly toxic to your system. So again, stay away from those GMO ingredients. Now, the other thing that vegetable oils have
been correlated with are kidney and liver problems. Now, especially when you look at oriental
or Chinese medicine, we know that the liver is responsible for producing cholesterol,
for digesting fat, for creating bile, which breaks down fat. What happens is if you consume a lot of bad
fats, hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils . . . By the way, when I say “vegetable oil,” I’m talking
about oils such as anything labeled “vegetable oil,” canola oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil. Those are all vegetable oils. Soybean oil is another big one. They’ll actually clog up your liver. So imagine your liver, it causes something
called “liver stagnation,” to where your liver isn’t producing enough bile. Imagine your liver building up toxins in it. Well, that happens when you’re consuming these
bad and toxic fats on a daily basis. There’s still a lot of people out there, consuming
vegetable oil and canola oil that’s genetically-modified on a regular basis, and it’s really backing
up their liver, causing liver toxicity over time. Here’s the thing, is you may say to yourself,
“Well, I’ve eaten these oils, and I don’t have a liver issue.” Well, you don’t yet. But that’s the thing. A lot of conditions . . . A liver is especially
one of these organs that you won’t notice you have a liver problem, until it’s really
far gone, until there’s been a problem there for a really long time. So again, don’t wait. Change out your oils. We’ll talk about the oils to switch to in
a minute. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training,
take a minute right now, help me spread the message that food is medicine and that it
shouldn’t be poison. Take a minute right now, punch that Share
button. Click that Love button. More people need to know the truth that vegetable
oil is one of the most dangerous food products out there today. In fact, I would put vegetable oil and processed
sugar up as the one, two, most toxic foods we’re consuming on a regular basis as a group,
as a whole. Let’s talk about heart trouble. Vegetable oil clogs up your arteries. Part of what happens with vegetable oil, we
all know this, but bad fats are bad for the heart. Now, there was this misconception years ago,
probably 20 or 30 years ago, that all fat is bad. Well, that’s not true. Not all fat is bad. There’s good fat and there’s bad fat. Bad fat that’s found in things like vegetable
oils, like soybean oil and corn oil, and cottonseed oil, those types of oils are going to cause
inflammation in the body. So here’s what happens. They cause inflammation of your arteries,
so then cholesterol builds up in your arteries. One of the greatest things you could ever
do for your body is follow an anti-inflammatory diet. So an anti-inflammatory diet is going to be
full of fruits and vegetables. It’s going to be full of omega-3 fats. That’s what an anti-inflammatory diet is. An inflammatory diet is full of sugar and
vegetable oils or hydrogenated oils. If you can get off hydrogenated oil and start
consuming more omega-3s, that’s one of the fastest things that can start to reverse heart
disease immediately. Let’s talk about a few other here, dangerous
side effects if you or someone you love is consuming hydrogenated oils on a regular basis. Hypertension and stroke, so high blood pressure. We know that inflammation can constrict the
arteries. It can cause those blockages, leading to issues,
not just a heart attack, but also a stroke as you build up that extra plaque in the arteries,
as those arteries start to constrict more over time due to, again, inflammation. The other thing that vegetable oil does is
it gives you an exposure to trans fats. You’re going to have more trans fats in your
diet if you’re eating a lot of bad fat. We know trans fats have been directly linked
to obesity. One of the things, this actually is pretty
incredible, but I read a study that said if somebody is 20 pounds overweight, it doubles
their risk of cancer and triples their risk of a heart attack. But think about this on the flip end. If somebody would go and lose 20 pounds of
unwanted or unneeded fat, they can decrease their risk of cancer by 3 times and cut their
risk of heart disease in half. But what’s one of the number one things that
causes people to gain weight? Trans fats have been directly linked to your
body, actually building up not just fat that’s on your arms or areas like that. It’s actually the fat that surrounds your
organs right in your midsection. It’s called “adipose fat.” It’s the fat that surrounds your organs, and
it’s the most toxic type of fat you can have in your body. So trans fat has been linked to specifically
that belly fat that accumulates right here in your midsection. So the great news is if you can switch your
fats to the fats I’m going to talk about, you can decrease your risk of obesity or overall
help you lose weight very, very quickly. By the way, if you are enjoying this live
training, take a minute right now, punch that Share button. Click that Love button. Help me spread the world on how to use food
as medicine, not consume foods that are poisoning your body and your system. All right. Here are the oils you want to start consuming
immediately. Number one is coconut oil. Now, coconut oil contains something called
MCTs. That’s medium-chain triglycerides. These types of fat are actually good for your
body to burn as energy. Another major benefit of coconut oil is that
it contains lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid. Those are antimicrobial in nature, which means
they can actually kill off bad bacteria, candida, and just bad microbes that can get in your
body. So a great benefit of coconut oil, it’s the
energy boosting fat. It’s the fat that’s the least likely to be
stored as fat, and it’s antimicrobial in nature. Just to give you an example here, one of the
things that mothers often do with their breastmilk, or they’ve done throughout history, is if
a child would have an eye infection, they would actually put breast milk around that
area. That’s because lauric acid, found in a woman’s
breast milk when they’re breastfeeding, that’s the same type of fat found in coconut oil,
and it’s antimicrobial. It means it will kill off bad bacteria and
it’s actually antiviral, and it can actually kill off infections that surround the eye. So a pretty unique theory, and actually some
of the compounds in coconut oil are in fact the same found in women’s breastmilk, which
have tremendous benefits for our health. So again, coconut oil. Coconut oil, again, it’s great to cook with
on medium heat or lower. Whenever I’m buying chips, I have a brand
I love. I buy coconut oil sweet potato chips on occasion
as well. Coconut milk, as well, which has the same
type of fats, I use a replacement instead of most dairy products when I’m making recipes. So coconut oil, a superfood you absolutely
want to embrace for your overall health. Now, another fat I love and this one might
surprise you, now these top two, these are saturated fats. For a long time, people thought, “Well, saturated
fat is the bad fat.” Now, remember, there are some bad saturated
fat. But there are some really healthy, good saturated
fat for you as well. In fact, our ancient ancestors would always
consume animal fat. They would use tallow as the natural skin
moisturizer. They would use animal fat for flavoring and
cooking. Also, we know when they would make bone broth,
the fat would rise to the top adding more flavor to their chicken soup they would make
throughout history. But animal fat in small to moderate amounts
can actually be very healthy to your body. In fact, I want to mention this. A lot of people, for their skin moisturizers,
use plant-based oils. Here’s the thing you need to remember. Your own body is made up of . . . When your
cells are made up of fat, well, especially your skin, 50% of it is saturated fat, and
different fats like stearic acid. Well, does it make sense that animal fats
are better at moisturizing your skin, because they’re more like the human body than a vegetable
oil? So a lot of people are actually using different
types of vegetable-based oils to try and hydrate, and for antiaging of their skin. When in fact, animal fat, tallow or chicken
smelter, those types of things, are much more hydrating to our body. Also, they’re better for our body to utilize
for energy, easy for us to burn. So actually, animal fats and tallow as a cooking
oil as well, these are much healthier for us than actual most vegetable oils out there
today. Another oil I love which is a key component
of the Mediterranean diet is extra virgin olive oil. We know the Mediterranean diet, which is consumed
over in the Mediterranean Sea and in Greece, and in Italy and areas of the Middle East,
this diet is very high in polyphenols, which are found in large amounts in extra virgin
olive oil. It’s been shown to combat heart disease and
reduce the overall risk of weight gain. Now, when you’re opening a bottle of olive
oil, it should smell like fresh herbs bursting in your nostrils. It should be very herbaceous. It should have this very, very wonderful flavor
and taste. You should be smelling basil and sage, and
just really strong olive when you are opening up a bottle of olive oil. If it doesn’t smell like that or if it has
a very light smell, it’s probably not the real deal and there’s a lot of fake olive
oil out there today that’s actually watered down with vegetable-based oils, which are
not olive oil. So again, extra virgin olive oil, high in
antioxidants, one of the best types of healthy oils you could ever consume here. Again, it’s great for overall, number one,
fighting heart disease. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now and you agree with me that food should be used as medicine, and you love some
of these oils up here on the screen, take a minute right now, punch that Share button. Click that Love button. Help me spread the word that real fat is actually
good for you, because so many people still think that fat is bad. Also, I’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite type of healthy fat
or oil, the healthy oils that you’re using on a regular basis? Do you use coconut oil? Do you use tallow? Do you use extra virgin olive oil? Think about those things. All right. The next one here, butter and ghee. Okay. So butter and ghee. Now, ghee is also known as “clarified butter.” This is one of the most commonly used fats
in India today, and was even used as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Now, they would use ghee because in order
to absorb and digest certain herbs, you need some fat there. So you may not realize that. A lot of times you think, “Well, I’m taking
an herbal extract and I’m going to digest it all.” The same would go even for certain vitamins
like vitamin D. In order for you to fully absorb certain nutrients, they’re best taken
with fat and actually oftentimes something that’s a little bit spicy can help, as well. So one of the ancient beverages that was consumed
in China was golden milk. Golden milk was a makeup of either coconut
milk, a little bit of ghee, as well as turmeric and some sort of, a little bit of maybe a
black pepper there. The reason is, to totally absorb turmeric,
you needed something a little spicy like a black pepper or cayenne, and also fat improves
absorption of herbs. So ghee was used as part of a medicine or
turmeric tea, also known as “golden milk” or “golden tea,” to actually help nourish
the body in Ayurvedic or Indian medicine. So ghee, very, very high in healthy saturated
fat, such as butyric acid, which is actually good for your colon and your gut. Last but not least, avocado oil. Now, avocado oil is very high in omega-9 fats,
or monounsaturated fats. Avocado oil, actually, also avocado itself,
is very high in magnesium, as well in terms of as a mineral. But avocado is one of the best oils for cooking,
has a very, very high heat threshold. So again, if you’re frying something up or
cooking something at a higher heat, avocado oil, one of the best oils you could use on
a regular basis. I want to sort of break this down for you
again. So remember the dangers here. You want to get away from that vegetable oil. Again, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil,
and canola oil, if it doesn’t say “non-GMO.” There is some canola oil that might not be
as bad. I don’t think really any canola oil is good. I want to say that. I think it’s better or not as harmful if it
is non-genetically modified. But in general I would get rid of all of these
fats and oils. Stock up on these in your kitchen, coconut
oil, animal fat such as tallow, schmaltz, or even duck fat, extra virgin olive oil,
grass-fed butter or ghee, and avocado oil. These are the oils you want to be consuming
on a daily basis. If you do, or if you help spread this and
tell other people about this, it is going to radically transform your health and their
health. So help me spread the word here one last time. Again, if you’ve loved this video, click the
Love button. Click the Like button. Share this right now, because more people
. . . Listen. People still think that fat and oils are bad. The truth is, there’s bad fats and oils. There’s good fats and oils that can help take
your health to the next level and all the way. If you’re not subscribed here to our live
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more about how to use food as medicine. I’ll see you for our next episode.

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