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[music] So, it is a Saturday, I got the day off, I am now on
ophthalmology, much more relaxed rotation than what I was doing last month in November. So, got my smoothie here, my friend’s about
to pick me up in a few minutes, we’re gonna go hiking. Gotta stay active, gotta take care of yourself
on the weekends. [music] Hey doggie… What would you do if money was not an object,
you didn’t have to worry about that, you don’t have to worry about your job, you just could
do whatever you wanted? Well, I’d travel, the main thing, but think
I’ll just stay in school, just like go to NYU or something and take cool literature
classes and anthropology and just keep learning, and then travel. And also that college lifestyle, right? Yeah, something like that. What about you man, what would you do if money
wasn’t a thing? I respect the – the literature thing, I’m
not as much into those sort of arts I guess, I’m more into making videos and racing cars. Well, here’s is my ideal lifestyle, I would
become a plastic surgeon and start a – start like a biomedical business and sell it. And the move wouldn’t be an issue, I would
just travel the world, do volunteer surgeries, cleft lip, cleft palate, burn, whatever reconstructions. Spend one week on vacation in the place and
then one week just operating and then like go to the next place, you know? That would be my ideal lifestyle. [music] So, Conor’s Subaru started smoking,
the temperature gauge says everything is fine but – but we’re here. let’s hope we can get back home I guess. Or we can just [00:02:12]. You see, you got plastics and derm, we take
this stuff way too seriously. I guess it’s not way too seriously, it’s just
the right amount of seriously. Yeah. Wear your sunscreen kids, don’t get skin cancer. So I just got one of these Fitbits, let’s
see if this is going to record our hike as a workout. Conor is an orthopedic surgery intern, he’s
in his first year of ortho. And we’re both outside of the hospital right
now. I know, look at that, isn’t that promising? So Conor, what made you decide on orthopedic
surgery versus plastic which you know, is also pretty cool? I always wanted to do surgery or to be cool
and then getting paid to cut somebody open and… I mean if we just pause it right there and
say, now you just sound like a psychopath. Yeah, probably you should write that one out. So I like fixing things, like working with
my hands, solving problems by putting things back together. And it’s fun when there’s like broken bones
and stuff not where it should be and you get paid to do that. What is it about orthopedic surgery over other
kinds of surgery that drew you towards that? I think Orthopedics is the most hands-on. You got drills, you have saws, hammers. Did you always know you wanted to do ortho? No, actually, well, I knew I really really
liked ortho, but it’s really competitive to get into, but I think I could have been happier
with almost any type of surgery. I was thinking actually gen surg for a while. But, uh, I think I always saw ortho as cooler
’cause – or just really like power tools and big open body procedures, not to sound like
a psychopath or anything but I’ve always really wanted to do like overseas humanitarian work. When on a mission trip in med school, I went
to Haiti with one of the pediatric orthopedic surgeons here and it was just amazing, the
things he was doing for people that would otherwise have like no chance of a normal
life. But not only doing something I love but doing
it to help people and making money too like while doing that. I can’t think of a better thing to do. [music] If that’s not love, I don’t know what
is. Hiking was a great success, it was about an
hour and a half round trip, didn’t go all the way to the top, that would have been a
full day hike. Yeah, perfect weather. Yeah, it makes you – it makes you like – it
made me at least feel really grateful to say “hey, I can, I’m healthy enough that I can
do this”, you know. So, is it true that there’s a certain level
of bro required to be an orthopedic surgeon? ’cause I wouldn’t say that I’m a bro, it’s
not like I own a beer pong table or you know, I listen to dubstep when I go to the gym. Yeah, I’m just mostly kidding about the whole
bro thing but, how important is personality fit when it comes to choosing a specialty? So, if there’s a certain qualification for
a bro status, I probably wouldn’t have made it, made it in. You got to bench your double score? Yeah, I think the main thing for something
surgical is like you have to have a certain level of confidence for sure, ’cause like
you’re walking into patients like rooms [00:06:06] and you know, like they’re hurting, they’re
crying and you know you have to like hurt them more. You have to like put their bone back in place
or put a traction pin in or something like that and you have to like know what you’re
doing. Especially when you’re starting out, you don’t
know all the time, you might not always know what you’re doing, but you have to act like
you know what you’re doing. Fake it till you make it, but always within
reason because you never wanna do anything that you’re actually unsure of where it puts
the patient at harm. Well, that’s the thing about residency, you
always have somebody over you, there’s a chain of command and you always have someone, you
know, watching you and telling you what to do. But, still I mean, there’s a certain level
of you have to be confident in what you’re doing and as far as that personality is huge
you know. [music] One of the things that struck me while
hiking with Conor, we’re having some great conversation. He mentioned all these great experiences he
had in the operating room and even prefaced them by saying, it wasn’t about the procedure
he was doing, he was doing some less desirable cases like decubitus ulcer repair, which is
usually pretty smelly, pretty – it’s not the most fun procedure let’s just say that and
what he mentioned though it’s the people that you work with. Less about what you’re doing and more about
who’re doing it with. Conor, where we at? We’re in downtown Redlands. Well, what are we doing here? Ice cream. Ice cream. What’s going on here? Redland Christmas parade. What parade? Redlands Christmas parade. The Redlands Christmas parade, very cool,
have a great day. Thank you. [music] So, I personally did not get crepes
or ice cream, if you guys are looking for a foodie channel, this is not it. But, Conor, why don’t you tell us how’s the
ice cream? It’s pretty good, à La Minute is kinda well
known around Redlands for making some pretty tasty ice cream, they make it right there
in front of you with liquid nitrogen, yeah. Super cool. I had a great time hiking with
some new friends. One thing I want you guys to remember is that
as a physician, you can’t take care of other people unless you first take of yourself and
that means both mental and physical well-being. So, exercise, stay active that stuff is very
important to you, not just working all the time but having a good healthy balanced life. It’s gonna help you go a lot further than
if you just work work work. So, as with anything in life, it’s always
about balance. I hope you guys found that video useful, if
you like the video make sure you press the like button, hit subscribe if you have not
already, and I will see you guys in the next one.

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