Taking Daily Essential Nutrients With Medication

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The following story will illustrate what
you need to know about taking Daily Essential Nutrients with medications.
This is Jim and this is his friend Mary. Both are struggling with the same mood
disorder but Jim is taking a psychiatric medication while Mary is not. Mary learns
about Hardy Nutritionals clinical strength broad-spectrum micronutrient
formulation Daily Essential Nutrients and takes it as recommended. She steadily
improves after a few months. She tells Jim, “I feel like myself again.
I haven’t felt this healthy and stable in many years.” Jim, still struggling,
purchases Daily Essential Nutrients and starts taking it at the same dosage as
Mary. At first, Jim feels better but after a few weeks things take a turn for the
worse. Over the next few days he continues to
feel progressively worse and even begins to notice some nasty symptoms that he
hasn’t experienced before. Jim calls Mary and tells her that he’s at his wits end
and he’s ready to quit the micronutrients. “Hmm,” Mary says, “I’ve only experienced positive changes, but aren’t you also taking a medication?
I think the label says something about taking supplements together with
medications. Why don’t you just call Hardy Nutritionals and tell them what
you are experiencing.” Jim calls immediately. “It has to be the Daily
Essential Nutrients that’s causing me to feel worse. I’ve had the same regular
medication dose for a year and I’ve never felt this horrible. Taking your
product is the only thing I’ve changed.” “I’m so glad you called. It sounds like
you might be experiencing increased side- effects of the medication, which is
actually quite common. Do any of the side- effects on this list match what you’re
experiencing?” “A lot of them. Changes in appetite, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia,
nausea, tremors, headaches, irritability.” “I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going
through all that. It might be hard to believe,
but in our experience an increase in medication side-effects is a pretty
reliable indicator that the nutrients are working and the medication can be
reduced.” If you think about it, a person who is well doesn’t need medications. In
fact, if they took a medication every day like you are they would probably feel
worse not better because they would experience the kind of side-effects
you’re telling me about. It sounds like your body’s beginning to respond to the
nutrients and you need less medication. In most cases like yours medications
need to be gradually reduced and eventually eliminated. “Wow that makes so
much sense. This explains why I started feeling
worse after initially feeling better, it was because of the medication side-effects. I wish I would have known this before. I’m so glad I talked to you.” The
product specialist refers Jim to the Hardy Nutritionals health professional
locator which lists doctors familiar with the use of Daily Essential
Nutrients. Jim visits Dr. Jones. “I’m taking Daily Essential Nutrients and I’d
like to stop taking my medication because it’s making me feel worse.” “I’m
glad to help you with that but you need to know that this might take a few
months based on my experience. It’s critical to remove your medication
gradually as your body responds to the micronutrients. If you stop your
medication all at once it can actually be quite dangerous.”
“So do you think I’ll be able to eventually be completely off my
medication?” “Very likely. I’ve been working with the
Hardy products for a few years now and many of my patients have been able to
remain stable long-term taking micronutrients alone without any
medications.” Jim visits Dr. Jones regularly and
follows the instructions she gives him. Before long he doesn’t have to take his
medication at all. He feels great and doesn’t need to see Dr. Jones nearly as
often. Jim bumps into Mary a few months later
and thanks her. “You were right, the medications were really getting in the
way. I’m so glad I didn’t give up. It was well worth calling Hardy Nutritionals
and working with Dr. Jones. I haven’t felt this good in years.
I can finally enjoy life again.” If you or your health professional have any
questions about using medications together with Daily Essential Nutrients,
refer to our clinical reference for healthcare professionals and contact a
Hardy Nutritionals product specialist to find a health professional in your area
familiar with the use of micronutrients. Check out our health professional
locator on GetHardy.com today.

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