TeamSTEPPS: DESC Script in the Physician’s Office

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Karen Smith, Receptionist: Renee, David Johnson called for Dr. Diaz this morning. Karen: He said he woke up feeling weak and wanted to see Dr. Diaz. Karen: Our schedule’s full this morning. Can I move Mr. O’Conner’s checkup to next week and have Mr. Johnson come in at 10? Renee: So he says he’s feeling weak. Did he say anything else? Karen: Um. No. Renee Jones, RN: So we don’t know if he’s feeling lightheaded, or if he’s in any pain? Karen: No, I didn’t ask him anything like that. Renee: Karen, how am I supposed to make decisions if I don’t have enough information? Renee: I’ve gotta go see my next patient. I have to deal with this later. Renee: Hey, Karen, if you have a minute, we should talk about a situation from yesterday. Renee: Things didn’t go as smoothly as we would’ve liked, and I feel some responsibility. Renee: So, let’s think about what we can do to make it better. Karen: Sure, Renee. Renee: I was frustrated because the information you provided was incomplete and not helpful. Karen: I’m sorry about that, Renee. Renee: Well, I’m sorry that we haven’t provided you with the training you need. Renee: If we provide that for you, we’ll all benefit. Renee: Now, I know you’re new here, so here’s what would be helpful next time. Renee: When a patient calls with a clinical concern, ask some general questions, like the ones listed here. Renee: They’ll help us make sure the patient gets the right care. Karen: Oh, this’ll be a huge help. Renee: Well, as you know, yesterday we were able to help Mr. Johnson quickly. Renee: If we don’t ask the right questions at the right time, we might not be able to help other patients as quickly as we should. Renee: I need you to speak up when things like this occur. Renee: No one benefits if we don’t speak up or address issues quickly. Renee: So let’s go through these questions. For example…

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