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The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 24 It’s amazing. You use such a simple move to disgrace Zhesan. Of course. He asked for it by bullying me. Mingjing, help me think of other pranks. Mistress, you still want to toy with him? That Zhang Zhesan is after all His Majesty’s sworn brother. If he were to complain to the Emperor… If he dares to complain to the Emperor, I will complain to the Empress Dowager. I’ll see who the Emperor will listen to. Very well. But there is no need to make the problem bigger. Miss Zhao? Miss Zhao! I am telling you, Octopus girl. You have so underestimated me. I am a very petty person. I have to settle the scores. Shout as you want. You may make a complaint. Since nobody saw me, I can deny it no matter what. What can you do to me then? And also, I forgot to tell you that this is where the guards bathe. If I were you, I’ll try my best not to let them find out that I’m here. Or else, they might want to get to know you. Then, I will leave first. You’ll reflect on what you did here. Get up. Zhesan, why are you here? Buddies, just now I saw a big mouse running in. In the blink of an eye, it was gone. – Search for what banned item?
– I don’t know. The fucking Baochuan ordered to search. He said it’s related to incantation. What does that mean? While the Empress Dowager was praying,
her prayer beads broke. She thinks that it’s an indication from Buddha. So, she asked Baochuan to investigate. I really don’t understand. What’s the link between headache and Buddha? Well, I am not saying the Empress Dowager is superstitious. The Empress Dowager sincerely believes in Buddha. This idea must have been proposed by Li Baochuan. Oh yes. Where’s Xiangning? She specifically wanted you to serve her. She wouldn’t let you off so easily. Where is she? I don’t know. She must have went to bathe. Zhesan. No matter what, Xiangning is still a girl. You must tolerate her. If you offend her, she will complain to the Empress Dowager. Then we’ll be in trouble. Okay. I understand. Then I will leave first. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Xiao An. Did you touch the reports? No, I didn’t. Could it be Tian? Tian was here? Earlier, she wanted to see you. But later on, she hurried away. Octopus… Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Did she go home? Why didn’t she leave a note?. Zhesan, you came at the right time. Did you see Miss Zhao? Didn’t she go home? We were together in the afternoon. Then she suddenly disappeared. Did she go to accompany the Empress Dowager? No she didn’t. I went to check it out. She didn’t go to see Empress Dowager. And I went to look for her everywhere, but I just couldn’t find her. She is too playful. Don’t panic. Maybe she got lost since the Palace is too huge. I will help you to look for her. Thank you. Sorry to trouble you. Miss Zhao! Gosh. Is she lost? Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Octopus girl! You couldn’t have killed yourself? Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Octopus girl! Zhang Zhesan, go to hell! You fucking eunuch. You. Are you trying to molest me? Let go. Let go of me. You better let go of me! You. You. Are you pretending to be unconscious? Are you? Is he really unconscious? He couldn’t have fainted? Hey, wake up! Stop hitting me. If I didn’t hug you, you’d be dead. Then why don’t think of a solution? Think of a way to get us out of this creepy place. If you can walk, you should leave by yourself. I… How can I leave by myself? Aren’t you always so proud? You even hung me beside the cliff. You’re a martial arts master. Think of a way. If I can walk, I would have left already. My leg got fractured by you. Why are you pretending? – Is it real or fake?
– Octopus girl! I’m sorry. What should I do? What should I do? Wait for people to come save us. Help! I am the daughter of Grand Preceptor Zhao! Help! How come Tian has my mother’s birth date? Brother. Brother, are you in there? Brother. Brother? Are you here? Tian. Brother. So you are here. Just now I called you. I thought you weren’t here. I was looking for something inside. So, I didn’t hear it. Tian, what are you holding? My mom made this rag doll. Why is it full of needle holes? Oh. When I was young, I used it to practice acupuncture. Then why did you hide it in the Upper Library? That’s because they were
checking our rooms yesterday. I heard that it’s a crime to own a doll. I’m afraid it might be confiscated. So I hid it here. Tian, do you know that it is a crime to bring a doll into the Palace? I don’t understand. Why do they have to ban such a small toy? The rules in the Palace is weird. This rule is not really against dolls. It’s for fear that dolls will used for black magic. If someone were to do this and be discovered, it’s a capital crime. It’s so serious? Then I will keep it at home. Rest early. I will be going. Help us… Is there anyone out there who could save us? Help… It’s all your fault! Now we can’t get out. Constipation has no more relations with the loss of gravity than this is related to me. Fucking eunuch! What’s wrong with you? Get me out of here, no matter what. You better go to hell. You should go to hell! What are you doing? Don’t do anything foolish! You are a eunuch, what are you trying to do? Here. You are injured, you should wear it. I’m okay. I’m a guy, you should wear it. You are already a eunuch,
how can you still be a guy? See, you said something wrong. Even the lightning wants to strike you. Stop screaming. So annoying. I’ve been afraid of thunder since young. Okay, okay. Come over. Here you go. You don’t need to come over.
Stick this on your head. Here. What is it? Stick it on your head and I will tell you. This is a lightning rod. When there is thunder, stick this on and you won’t get struck by lightning. Really? You are lying to me! Enough. Stop screaming. I have a method to cure your fear of thunder. What method? I’ll let you solve riddles. Go on. Once upon a time, there was a bale of straw, then a burier comes. Guess a fruit. Watermelon. Nope. It’s strawberry. Straw… Why is it strawberry? The burier will bury the straw. So, it’s strawberry. Oh yes. That’s right. Another riddle.
A star is sowed. My guess is still watermelon. No. It’s carambola. Why is it carambola? The fruit of a star is starfruit. Starfruit, starfruit! Your right! Another one… There is wax. And a burier comes . There’s wax, and a burier comes. Waxberry! Waxberry! See, you’re smarter now. And you aren’t afraid of thunder anymore. Not anymore! You’re smart if you stick that on your head. Physician He! Is Physician He inside? Physician He! – I’m coming!
– Physician He! – Open the door, Physician He!
– Wait a moment. – Physician He!
– Coming! Physician He! Physician He! Physician He, did you see Miss Zhao? I didn’t see her after she left in the afternoon. She has been missing for hours. I’m afraid something happened to her. Did she go somewhere else and play? Usually at this time, she will already be asleep. She wouldn’t play till so late. Oh yes. Did you see Zhesan too? No. I didn’t see him this afternoon. Then Zhesan is missing too. Physician He, please, you must help me, okay? I’ll get dressed. – Wait for me.
– Okay. Tell me what other jokes you have No more. How can I have so many jokes to tell you? Just tell me. I bet you have more. – Say it.
– I really don’t have anymore. Fucking eunuch. I… I wouldn’t be so unlucky, right? Damn. God damn it! We are doomed this time round. Zhesan! Xiangning! Zhang Zhesan! Xiangning! Xiangning! Let’s go over there. Physician He, did you find them? I didn’t. Nothing. Then let’s go over there. Hurry. Walk faster. Quickly. We are finished this time round. Aiya… We’ll either die of hunger or get drenched. Worse still, we will freeze to death. You’re annoying me to death. I don’t want to die. Think of a way quick. So unbearable. I can’t take it anymore. Aiya… How can a helmet be of any use? Come closer. You are not blocking the rain out. More closer. You are still not blocking the rain. Closer. More closer. I’m telling you to come over. What are you thinking? Closer. Come over here. More closer. What are you hiding down there? How dare you pretend to be a eunuch! You fake eunuch! Zhang Zhesan! Fake eunuch! Gong-Gong! Zhang Zhesan, wake up! Wake up, Zhang Zhesan! Wake up! Wake up, wake up! You’re so hot. You’re having a fever. What should I do? What should I do? Help! Come and save us! Zhesan! Xiangning! Xiangning! Zhesan! Xiangning! Miss Zhao! Miss Zhao! A shoe… That’s Xiangning’s shoe. – Let’s go. Miss Zhao!
– Help! Help us! Hurry. Quickly. Xiangning, how did you fall into a well? I’m here. Zhang Zhesan is here too. He’s having a fever. He can’t make it anymore. Let a rope down to save us! Hold on, we will go look for a rope. Hurry. Okay. Quickly! Miss Zhao You’re having a cold too. Why don’t you go have a rest? I’m not tired. I want to be with Zhang Zhesan. Tian, how is he? He won’t die, right? His fever is not reduced. If he doesn’t recover soon
he might contract pneumonia. He got a fever because he sheltered me from the rain. You must cure him. Rest assured. Hurry, hurry! Follow more closely! What do you think you’re doing? We came here to arrest someone. Make way! No. Zhang Zhesan is terribly sick. You can’t take him away. Why must we do as you say? Stop this nonsense. Make way. How dare you! Fucking servant. Do you know who am I? – Who dare to take him away?
– I dare. Gong-Gong. Li Baochuan? Take him away. What do you mean he had no choice? Why are you still speaking up for them? Mother, Zhang Zhesan is simple-minded by nature. He is not an evil person. He pretended to be a eunuch and entered the Palace. If he is not an evil man, then who? Can it be that you knew he was not a eunuch? No. I didn’t know until now. However, however he… However what? Look what kind of people you have around you! He Tianxin cross dressed into a man and Zhang Zhesan is a fake eunuch! What a mess! These people are cheaters. Instead of reflecting on yourself you speak up for them. How absurd! Cool down! The Emperor is still young. It is normal to show favoritism. Please don’t blame His Majesty! I think we should work out a solution in order to silence the rumor. As for this matter, you’re not going to intervene. Leave it to Baochuan. – Baochuan!
– Yes! Punish him according to law. If anyone interferes, report to me immediately. Okay. You already knew? Why didn’t you tell me? Zhesan asked me not to. At that time I dressed up as a man. We agreed to keep each other’s secret. But later your identity was exposed. Why didn’t you tell me Zhesan was a fake eunuch? I didn’t find an opportunity to tell you. I couldn’t just come to you and say… “Actually, Zhesan a fake eunuch.” Do you have any idea how serious this matter is? Brother, what’s gonna happen to Zhesan? Baochuan is in charge of this matter. Then isn’t he doomed? Li Baochuan certainly will revenge on him. Brother, you must save him! The Empress Dowager doesn’t allow me to intervene. But you are the Emperor! And you are also Zhesan’s sworn brother. Please think of a way. Last time, I brought the tablets of deceased emperors to save you My mother is still mad about that. This time, it’s hard to get her to take back her order. Please try one more time! For the last time… She is my mother. I cannot neglect her feelings. Remember Zhesan saved your life before? Can you stop being a filial son for once? Why must you always obey your mom? It’s not just an issue of filial piety. Zhesan committed a serious crime. You used to have critical thinking skills. Why are you so inflexible now? You are not the brother I know anymore. What about you? You disguised as a guy, and he’s a fake eunuch. You don’t let me know until you’re in trouble. Have you treated me as a brother? How many things are you hiding from me? Do you think I wanted to hide my identity? Who doesn’t want to live a honest life? But have you ever considered my feelings? I have been deceived by my brothers once and again. And it’s not just this incident. What do you mean? Your doll. The doll that you hid here. Why did it bear the Empress Dowager’s birth date? What birth date? Tian, I’m very disappointed in you. I thought you were different from others. In the end, you lied to me just like others. What are you talking about? What has the birth date got to do with my doll? I found the Empress Dowager’s birth date stuffed inside your doll’s body. Did you cast black magic on the Empress Dowager? What black magic? That doll was hand-sewn by my mother. I’ve played with it since young. Don’t speak anymore. You are the one who should stop talking. You don’t wanna help Zhesan, and now you malign me of casting black magic. Have you become muddle-headed? I know you don’t want to help Zhesan. Don’t make so many excuses. Tian, Tian! Gong-Gong Good. Move it up. Your Majesty, why have you arrived suddenly? Aiyo. I am suffering from a backache.
I can’t stand up. I hope that you can pardon me. Baochuan, I came to ask you how you plan to punish Zhang Zhesan. Zhang Zhesan Yes. Go Go. He should be executed for his crime. Baochuan, please let him off. I am not purposely making it difficult for him. According to the law, we have to do it this way. This, I understand. But I hope that you will not sentence him to death. Oh, that can’t be. As the Empress Dowager ordered me
to take charge of this case, I have to do things by the rules. Baochuan, you’re smart. I believe that you can come up with an alternative. I do have an alternative. But I can’t afford to displease the Empress Dowager. OK then. What do you want? I don’t want anything and I don’t lack anything. I only want you to remember this. Don’t forget that I let Zhang Zhesan off today. Okay. I promise. His Majesty the Emperor! Long life to Your Majesty! A long, long life! Rise up. Thank you. Bring the criminal Zhang Zhesan forward. Go. Kneel down. The Empress Dowager orders as follows Zhang Zhesan, 7th-rank Inspector, pretended to be a eunuch and committed debauchery in the Palace. He is sentenced to 50 times of spanking. He will be removed off office and banished for 10 years. Your Majesty, he should be executed. Why is he only sentenced to be exiled for ten years? Zhang Zhesan contributed to the Court. Therefore, his sentence is reduced. Your Majesty, I hope the judgment is fair and impartial. And I hope the commution is not due to partiality. This is none of your business. The Empress Dowager asked me to make the decision. It has nothing to do His Majesty. What nonsense are you spouting? Beat me or exile me as you like. Say your words for another occasion. Take him away and give him a severe beating. Beat him till he’s dead…
I mean take him away first. Yes. Move. Your Majesty. Baochuan, wait for me. Grand Preceptor, what is it? Well, I… Can’t you see that we want to talk privately? Get lost. Yes Aiya. Grand Preceptor, Zhang Zhesan has already been exiled. Is there anything still weighing on your mind? Baochuan you have always hated Zhang Zhesan. Definitely. Then why didn’t you give him
the death penalty this time? You are too smart not to see the reason. Do you remember? The other time I sentenced He Tianxin to death, didn’t the Emperor rescue her from the execution ground? If I were to give Zhang Zhesan the death penalty, he may not be beheaded with the Emperor’s protection. But we have sufficient evidence this time. Unlike the previous time, it’s obviously a good opportunity to get rid of him. No no. Aren’t we banishing him for 10 years now? He’ll never appear in your sight. But he tarnished my daughter’s reputation. I will not let him get away with it! Aiya. You’re still hoping that your daughter
can become the Empress? No way! You better think about your own future. You are always opposing the Emperor. You may not be able to keep your head. Do you understand now? Think about it carefully. How interesting. I was given an Edict to give him a check-up. Why do you still need to check my things? – Who is she?
– My assistant. Fine. Go in. Leave immediately after you’re done. Don’t move. Don’t hurt your wounds. Octopus girl Are you dressing up like a man to enter the Academy? Stop fooling around. She’s worried about you. She came to see you I’m fine. Very fine. Look. Isn’t my pose elegant? Right? Stop putting on a front. Last time, I almost died after 30 floggings. How can you be fine after 50 times? I’m not like you. I have an iron bottom. I’ll still be okay after 500 times, not to say 50 strokes. I’ll show it to you. Be careful. Sorry. It’s all my fault If not for my pranks, you wouldn’t become like this. I’m sorry. I don’t blame you. But to tell you honestly, it’s about time for you to lose some weight. Not only did I fracture my leg in the well, I almost broke my spine. Then you must take care of yourself. I hope you’ll be fine. Or else I will feel guilty. You sounds as if we were lovers. I’ve prepared some medicine for you. Eat one pill after every meal. And this should be applied externally. Tian, this is the first time
you’ve treated me so well. If I knew this before,
I’d rather be sick everyday. Talking nonsense again, you chatterbox. It’s fine. I won’t be exiled just because of Baochuan’s order. When my leg recovers, I will escape. But at that time, I won’t get to see you. Don’t miss me, okay? Time’s up! You should leave. Leave. I’ll be okay. Tian, I just want to show you my smile again. You should leave. Hurry up! Walk faster. You! Move quickly! Move! Hurry! Why are you staring at you? Fuck you. His Majesty, the Emperor! Your servant, Majesty. Are you alright? I just slipped. I’m okay. Get a cart for him! Yes. Quickly. Zhesan, I failed to protect you. I’m useless. No problem. I know it’s the Empress Dowager’s order. I don’t blame you. Take care of yourself. I’ll think of a way to get you back. After you come back, we will drink together again. I’m fine with drinking. But we shouldn’t play any game. Because I always lose to you. Alright. Come, let’s give each other a hug. Hug. Help me look after Tian. Don’t worry. Also, help me tell Octopus Girl that I’m fine. I understand. Take care. The cart is here. Oh. it’s time to leave. Oh well. I’m going then. I mustn’t lose my spirit. Dear God, please help Zhang Zhesan overcome this difficulty. I am willing to become a vegetarian in exchange for his safety. Miss Zhao! Zhang Zhesan has already set off from the prison. – Where is he?
– On the road. Let’s go. Aiya. If only we had some beer to drink. We’ll have a rest. After that we must still carry on the journey. Rest for some more time. My feet will have blisters. Mine already have blisters. Let’s have some water. Listen carefully. All of you shall leave. Gather everyone and plan the route to take. Quickly, quickly! Get up. Get up! Move. Zhang Zhesan. This is an order from our boss. Don’t blame us after you are dead. Trot! Mingjing, hurry. Zhesan! Are you okay? Zhesan, Zhesan! Mingjing, we have to look for a doctor! Zhesan! Zhesan! Zhesan, don’t scare me. Zhesan! You have to wake up. Zhesan! Stop shaking me. You are almost shaking me to death! What should I do? You are all in blood. I don’t know how to stop the bleeding. I know you can’t stop the bleeding. You’re only good at making trouble. Is this the time for you to joke around? Then I won’t joke anymore. Zhesan, Zhesan! You’re scaring me. Mingjing! We must look for a doctor! Zhesan, Zhesan!

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