The Way To Save On Your Prescription Drugs: Speak Up | Consumer Reports

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[SOUND EFFECTS PLAYING] Speak up to save money on
your prescription drugs. Ask your doctor if there
are generic versions of the prescriptions you
take that will cost less. If your insurance
company doesn’t cover a drug you’re
prescribed, ask your doctor to request an exemption. And if your request is
denied, file an appeal. And if that’s denied, contact
your state’s insurance regulator. The costs of drugs
can differ even among pharmacies
in the same area. Our secret shoppers
have found great deals at Costco, independent
pharmacies, and at certified
online pharmacies. Call around to see who
has the lowest price, and ask if there’s a
way to pay even less. The pharmacist may suggest
getting a 90-day supply, joining the store’s
membership club, or even know of online
coupons to get a discount. Even if you have
insurance, you might be able to pay even
less than your co-pay. Fed up with high drug costs? Tell Congress. It can put pressure on
pharmaceutical companies to lower prices or
can have legislation to limit your out-of-pocket
medical costs. For other ways to
speak up and save, visit [SOUND EFFECTS PLAYING]

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