The Weeping Angels attack! | Blink | Doctor Who

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100 thoughts on “The Weeping Angels attack! | Blink | Doctor Who

  1. I don't know what is wrong with me, at first the weeping angels made me crap my pants every time, now even if i see just this part of the episode, i don't feel nothing, but for some how i always got scared of the Staypuft man

  2. I remember I was at my grandmas house and I couldn’t find the controller. This episode was on and I really wanted to change it but I was forced to watch the whole thing. This was the only doctor who episode I had ever seen. I actually really liked it but never got into the show.

  3. You ever do that thing in Black Ops when you shoot all of the arms off of the statues in Nuke Town there’s an endless wave of statues and if you shoot all of the heads off then they turn into zombies

  4. I always wondered, what happens when you only see a fraction of the angels like only a hand or a finger, do they turn to stone even then ?

  5. Their was another episode in a later season which shows the angels while they are moving. It completely ruins the terror of them. Im still really mad they made it

  6. O DIABO USA dando DINHEIRO e PODER , e depois FAZ Isso : como PODEM VE * SANTOS , ANJOS e QUERUBINS * em IGREJAS , TEMPLOS , PRAçAS PUBLICAS , pq q na VERDADE NUNCA FORAM NADA MAS QUE APARELHOS DO DIABO. ou seja ; PODEM SE QUESTIONAR como Assim O DIABO SABE que NAO EXISTE : REIS , SANTOS , PROFETAS , ANJOS e QUERUBINS , sabem PQ ? resposta : O UNICO * REI , SANTO , ANJO e QUERUBIN * * PURO * é o próprio FILHO dele NETO de DEUS . chamado em seu Livro como * ADONAI * ou * ADAO * com um único adjetivo * O REDENTOR *

  7. While I understand how those angels work(from a game), but what does he mean that the doctor trick them and can’t move?

  8. So Angels have claws and fangs must be Satan's angels so supposedly she's a Christian now carrying the cross in her pocket instead of around her neck where it should be

  9. If I knew I had to deal with weeping Angel's on the regular, I would just wear one of those eyelid restraints like clockwork orange and spritz my eye with some synthetic tears every few min.

  10. All u have to do is blink with one eye while u keep eye contact with yo other eye
    Then blink with the other eye while the other is lookin at them
    Cmon now

  11. Blinking one eyes and see one eye. Blinking other eye. And see one eye. Endless see and blinking! It is survive thing to Scp 173

  12. Hey guys you know what’s funny..
    You know how an elf on the self moves at night when not seen and you know what else moves when not seen?

  13. The one annoying thing about this episode is the fact Sally & Larry didnt even question the TARDIS being bigger on the inside.

  14. I just love them.they are my favorite.i will admit the angel statues in the cemetery kind of creep me out because of them lolol.And yes, I love exploring old cemeteries, so I'm in one often lol

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