Thyroid Replacement Medication: Alternatives to Levothyroxine

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Hey Sara Peternell with Family
Nutrition Services here. Listen, you caught me in my car today but I just
hung up with one of my clients who was asking me some great questions about
thyroid replacement medication. First of all I just like to say please direct all
questions about your diagnosis and your prescription to your primary physician
or Anna chronologiste or whoever has given you the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s
but I did want to chime in from a nutrition thyroid expert perspective
also because I have my own personal experience with trying lots of different
thyroid medications over the years since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in my
early 20s I think this is a common question and a common concern for a lot
of my clients basically what happens is that you get the diagnosis that you have
Hashimoto’s you also get a prescription and then you’re just kind of told to
come back in six months and they’ll recheck your thyroid levels but
unfortunately I’m afraid that a lot of doctors don’t explain all of the
different thyroid medication options that there are when you’re diagnosed
also I think it’s important to note that in some cases diagnosis of Hashimoto’s
doesn’t necessarily mean that you do need to be on thyroid replacement
medication this is again something for you and your doctor to discuss but I
have seen quite a wide range of individuals who have basically gone from
everything from no medication to a singular medication with just tea for
two kinds of medication both synthetic t4 and also t3 and I’ve also worked with
clients who have been using more of a natural hormone replacement with like a
desiccated bovine or poor chine hormone replacement therapy this would be
something called armor I’m armor thyroid and I’m not really
gonna go in that today but what I really want to talk about is the over
prescription and the overuse of levothyroxine and when I say over
basically I just mean that it’s not the only option it seems like that’s the
number one prescription and from my standpoint level thyroxine can actually
cause sometimes more problems than I can do good if you have you know obviously
autoimmune thyroid and you maybe have another autoimmune disease in my case it
was celiac disease which meant that I had some issues not only with absorption
and assimilation of foods vitamins but also medications
and also a degree of leaky gut that meant that I had a very sensitive
digestive system level thyroxine was not a very good fit for me I think within
six months of taking this medication I actually felt worse level thyroxine is
because it’s a generic and not the brand name often tends to have a lot of issues
with dosing and it also tends to have a lot of issues with fillers and binders
that can cause people with sensitivities to have some pretty unpleasant symptoms
if you are gluten intolerant or celiac definitely you want to discuss this with
your doctor and make sure that you can get the best medication option for you
synthroid is actually the the brand name of synthetic t4 medication there are
lots of other t4 medications out there which I will go into at a later time and
I also have some more information about this on my blog but basically what I
want you to know is that you can go into your doctor’s office and be really well
educated about the different options that are available to you I truly
believe that some of the best treatment for thyroid is a combination of both the
holistic path through nutrition supplements and lifestyle and the
combination of the right medication for you if that’s what is prescribed by your
doctor so stay tuned I’m going to be sharing lots more information about
Hashimoto’s and if you haven’t already go back and watch the video about my
diagnosis and my symptoms when I was 24 you might find that this sounds familiar
so stay tuned I’ll talk to you soon

2 thoughts on “Thyroid Replacement Medication: Alternatives to Levothyroxine

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  2. after 10 years, Ive only go 1 option for T4 or T3 as I need to compond in olive oil to avoid side effects from fillers. STILL trying to find something that works and basically doing it on my own. GP is no hlep

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