Time for A Doctor Visit

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– The reason that we are
going to the doctor’s office right now is because I’m
pretty sure I broke my toe, and also, on the very
last day, I tore my ankle, and I couldn’t walk. (group laughs) – Ahh. (upbeat instrumental music) (tires squeal) (peaceful instrumental music) – [Mom] Ah, you are alive. Russell, you had your sisters so worried. Where’s Russell? Where is he? He’s not in his bedroom. He’s not at home. Where were you? – Well, you know, I
always like sleeping in, so I hid under the desk. – [Mom] You were under the desk, sleeping? You had your sister about
ready to call the police because she couldn’t find you. Did you hear her calling you? Did you, and you just ignored her? – Oh, yeah. – [Mom] Russell– – What? – [Mom] That is not okay. – I just– – [Mom] You’re just so tired. – Yes, I don’t like sleeping in, or I don’t like– – [Mom] Waking up? (Mom laughs) – Waking up so early. – [Mom] Okay, maybe you just
need to go to bed earlier. It’s all right. Honey, I love you. Okay, finish getting ready. Glad to know you’re still here, and Chad, well, at least you’re
not hiding under the desk, and having everyone think
you’ve been abducted out of your bed. (Mom laughs) We couldn’t find him anywhere. – Yeah, he walked out and I see him like, crawl under the desk and I’m like, “Oh.” (Mom laughs) – Well, the kids are getting
ready to go to school. Chad does not have
school yet, but he will. So this week, the kids go to school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,
and then there’s fall break Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Tuesday is the beginning
of the new quarter, and Chad will go to school at the beginning of the
new quarter, so on Tuesday, so in a week and two days. – No. – Until then, he’s just gonna
be trying to get caught up on work at home, just so that
he can start with the class and be with the class, so
I guess the biggest class that he’s gonna need to
play catch up on is math. In the summer, he will take
summer school to make up for the credits that he
lost while he was gone. – So I can sleep in. (Mom laughs) (upbeat instrumental music) – So it’s Monday morning. Sundays are the best because we just rest. It’s so fun. We just go to church, we come
home, we enjoy the family, we play together as a family
at home, we take naps, we watch movies, we eat,
and we don’t do any work, so that’s why Mondays are Monday because we’re have to make
up for all of the stuff that we didn’t do on Sunday. My kitchen’s a pretty,
pretty big mess this morning. All right, maybe we’ll get
through our Monday after all. – Hey guys, we have six minutes. – One of my friends
taught me how to do it, and now I’m like, firm metal. (group laughs) – [Mom] You’re firm as metal? – [Chad] She’s not firm metal. – Yeah, like he was trying
to hurt me and stuff, and it didn’t hurt at all. – [Mom] So go do a karate
chop on your brother. – [Sheri] Please don’t aim for it. (group laughs) – That was just a shoot and you missed. You missed again. (group laughs) – Ahh. (group laughs) – [Older sister] Come on, I spent like, three minutes getting your shoes on. – Russell, I just, I
didn’t even hit (mumbles). – [Mom] All right, you guys. – [Russell] He hit me in the stomach. – [Chad] No, I hit you in the (mumbles). – [Mom] Even her karate skills. – You know what’s muscle memory, I was walking backwards like this, and I looked backwards like
I was about to knock over Nali’s water bowl. – [Mom] Aww. – It was muscle memory. – [Mom] Aww, that’s really sweet, Chad. – Yeah. – [Sheri] Sometimes I walk in and like, open the door really slow because I like, expect her to be like,
laying there, you know? You like, open it like,
totally swing it now. (group laughs) You’re like, sorry. Guys, we have two minutes, come on. – [Mom] All right, you guys,
Sheri’s doing her countdown. We’ve gotta get serious. – It’s 7:23. – [Mom] How many minutes does that mean? – [Chad] That means zero. – We should be praying right now. We pray at 7:23 and leave at 7:25. – Sheri keeps the whole household running like an oiled machine. Sheri, you should run a ship some day. – I had a dream last night that I was driving the
Razor down the street, and the police, he saw me,
and he thought I was 16, but I said, “You know what, pull me over.” I raised my hand and I
said, “Pull me over.” – You did not. – It was like, okay, if he pulled me over and I’m like, “Guess what?” He’s like, “What?” I’m like, “I’m 14.” He’s like, “No way.” “Everyone that sees you
thinks that you’re 16.” – This is not a prank. This is not a dream that you had. – This is a real dream,
no joke, and I said, “You can give me a ticket,” and he’s like, “No, you were a very responsible driver,” “and you look 16, so you can go.” (group laughs) – [Mom] What? – Dreams can be reality. – [Mom] That will never
be your reality, ever. I guarantee a cop is not
gonna let a 14-year-old drive. – Okay, can we please say a prayer? It’s 7:44. – My stomach doesn’t feel good. – [Sister] Oh, he should stay home. – All right, everyone come kneel down. We’re gonna have prayer. Holy cow, we are back
into the swing of things. (kids yelling in the background) (Chad sings) – Okay. (group laughs) (Chad sings) (Mom laughs) – Sheri gets frustrated with me because she’s like, “Mom,
you’re as bad as the kids.” (kids yelling in the background) “Just turn it off and let’s go.” Okay, goodbye. – The reason that we are
going to the doctor’s office right now is because I
just got back from ANASAZI and things happened out
there where I got injured. I’m pretty sure I broke my toe. That’s what the nurse told
me out there, and also, on my very last day, I tore
my ankle, and I couldn’t walk, and now, we are going, what is that? – [Mom] It’s the windshield. I have replaced the windshield two times, and each time it’s cracked,
and it hasn’t been set right. Like, there’s air pockets
between the windshield and where the van is. It just hasn’t been done right. This is now the third windshield I’ve had, and it’s doing the same thing. I’m gonna have to replace it again. That’s what you’re hearing. – [Chad] Yeah. – [Mom] I’m so upset. – Oh, also, the day I went to the trail, when we got my full
physical, and we took a test, and it was way off, and it’s either like, a sign of dehydration, or
like, a sign of cancer. – Basically, what we’re doing is, you have to do a full-scale physical before your kids can go to ANASAZI, and now that Chad’s home from ANASAZI, we’re just doing the same thing again. – I’m going to get fixed. – I have to laugh because all morning Chad’s been referring to
this doctor’s appointment as, “I’m going to the doctor to get fixed.” I don’t think he knows what that means. (Mom laughs) He’s not getting fixed. – I gained 10 pounds. – [Mom] You gained 10 pounds? Well, they fed you well there. – Yeah. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Mom] It’s not as
black as it used to be. At one point, was it all black? – [Chad] The whole skin
was black around it. – [Mom] Yeah. – [Chad] And at one point,
this ankle, this was swollen. – I have been bringing
my kids to this very room for years, and years, and years. I am amazed that the stickers
have stayed on the walls. I mean, how many kids come in here and could just like, pick at them. I could totally pick that
off the wall right now. Do you think kids ever come
up here and pick at these? Well, I know Eve has. Maybe that’s the doing of Eve. – [Chad] Well, this one was taped back on. – [Mom] Oh, it was taped back on. Okay, so they do have
little kids who, oh look, that’s been taped on. – [Chad] Yeah, this one has, too. – That’s been taped on. – Yeah, it looks like you
have bruising down here. – [Chad] Yeah. – Because did you have bruising here, too? Maybe it’s because you’re
so active (mumbles). Mr. Active, man, I don’t know. We’ve both been missing
the faults, I think. – Yeah. – That’s pretty awesome. (calm instrumental music) – [Mom] You learning anything new, Chad? Update, Chad’s fine. (Mom laughs) – I’m fixed. – I wasn’t gonna say, “Oh, you’re fine.” “You don’t need to be looked at.” “You’re fine,” because I’m
really trying to let Chad make his own choices. – Wait, you knew I was fine? – Of course I did. I’m your mother. So now, we’re going to go get some food. (calm instrumental music) Okay, we’re gonna play a game. First thing that comes to your mind. You can’t filter, and you
have to say it immediately. Ready? Blue. – Orange. – So the first thing
that came to your mind was a color, okay. Girls. – Boys. – It’s confirmed my
thoughts this whole time. I say right, he says left. I say, “Get your hands out of the toilet.” He gets them dirty. You do the opposite of me. I knew it. Do you have a crush? – Maybe. – You do? – Maybe. – Who is it? – Maybe. – Is it– – Yeah. – I know who it is. – I think so, yeah. – I know who Chad’s crush is. Okay, I won’t say anything. I won’t say anything. – I wouldn’t say a crush. – She’s super cute. – I wouldn’t say a crush. – But you like her. – Yeah. – A lot. – Yeah, but not like, okay,
maybe it’s a crush, yeah. – [Mom] Piercings. – Earrings. – [Mom] Makeup. – Girls. – [Mom] Vacation. – Home. – [Mom] Oh, really, okay. Going back to school. – Scared. – [Mom] Backpack. – I don’t have a backpack. – Oh my gosh, this is funner to play than I thought it would be,
so this morning, Chad’s like, “I don’t have a backpack.” “I’ll just take a plastic
sack for my bag, my bag.” – That’s what you told me to do. You were like, “No.” – No, and I said, “Yeah,
okay,” and then he came back, he goes, “Really, you’re
gonna make me go to school” “with a bag for a backpack?” And I said, “Oh, no,
I’m not gonna make you.” “If you want a backpack,
you can take a backpack.” – I should just buy it myself. – In other words, I’m
not buying it for you. You’ve got money in your checking account. I know you do. He just wants to spend it all
on Crumbl Cookie and pizza. We’re gonna end this with two more. Two more, ready? Stoplight. – Stop sign. – [Mom] Stop. – Car. – [Mom] Go. – Stop. (Mom laughs) What is the first thing you think of when I say, 8 Passengers? (calm instrumental music) (van tires squeal)

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