Tips to Deal with Anxiety Medication Side Effects

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Hi. I’m Tanya Peterson with the Anxiety-Schmanxiety blog here on A way to treat anxiety is through medication. It can be very effective, however, medication can come with some
very bothersome side effects. So what do you do? Keep taking the medication or just toss it aside because of the side effects? That is a conversation to have with your doctor. But in the meantime, there are things you can do to minimize the side effects of anxiety medication. Make a list of your symptoms; really
listen to your body. What is going on? Then take a look at each symptom individually. What lifestyle changes can you make to decrease those side effects? For example, jitteriness. If your medication makes you jittery, are you drinking coffee or the caffeinated beverages to increase that jitteriness? If so how can you cut them out? One by one, look at your symptoms. Look at your lifestyle and see what you can do to manage those medication side effects.

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