VIRTUAL REALITY DOCTOR | Surgeon Simulator (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

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*High Five* TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YOU LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome back to some more HTC vive games!!! This time we’re playing Surgeon Simulator. It’s the Team Fortress 2 update that was out I saw GIFs somewhere of a surgeon simulator running on the HTC vive and I was wondering where the hell I could get my hands on it And I didn’t know anywhere that had it I thought it was it was like you had to contact the developers to actually get your hands on it but then I went on Steam ‘Cause the vive, like a lot of vive games came out and this was up on the Steam store itself, naturally So we’re going to try this out, we are going to be the Medic and we have to save the Heavy so we have to perform an UBER Heart Transplant So step into our teleporter here and transport me to a Life of Luxury! Okay, still recording, got it! Cool! How are you doing Heavy you feeling go- Oh God I can see myself. Hi.? Ahahaha! Wazzup, girl? Oh damn! Ahahaha! That’s actually pretty damn cool! Okay, so, I never actually did this properly in my own playthrough, in the standard Surgeon Simulator. So, I don’t know how to do this surgery, I have to take out his heart and replace it with a baboon’s heart, I think. Is the heart in here! Yup! There it is, that’s the baboon’s heart! And we also have SANDVICH! YES, HEAVY LOVE SANDVICH! Erm… All righty, so how do I get your ribs open? Hmm.. Are you speeding up? it sounded like you were speeding up there for a second. Ok, so lets use an axe! Niiice, Ooh this feels good I’m just going to tap you lightly, okay? Shh… Ahah, Shwalalalala Oh God, that’s weird Oh god no don’t stab him in the face! You didn’t see anything, bird! Okay, um, Good God his hands are MASSIVE! Jesus Christ! If you were real, you’d be gigantic! *smack* *smack*

100 thoughts on “VIRTUAL REALITY DOCTOR | Surgeon Simulator (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

  1. Jack have you every played tf2 if so could you play it on the channel????( also ya can't use spys knife to snip jack😂)

  2. What still bothers me the most is that he never did the Uber fully right. Your supposed to hold the heart in the beam until it has a crystal like texture them put it In and point the beam to heavy’s chest. He just held it It for a few seconds and put it in.

  3. 8:08 I love how when he cuts the heat correctly it plays the meet the crew theme in the background

  4. Jack… Tries the same fucking thing three times… To realise he wasnt doing it right in the right place

  5. I don’t think Heavy will need it’s old lungs because the healing gun (thing) will heal anything and I think it will put in new lungs and it will heal back the bones too and it’s other stuff he needs to breathe.

    Edit: and watching the Meet the Medic video it heals and puts back its clothes when it heals.

  6. Facts about tf2
    Heavy is only about 6 feet tall
    Medic doesn't even have a real medical licence
    The spy head in the fridge (not present in game) is actually from the original meet the medic that was scraped

  7. Given Medic’s experiments I wouldn’t be surprised if Heavy’s bones were made of steel, or anyone else’s for that matter.

  8. I love the fact that there’s an actual bone saw there and he uses the fucking fire axe instead.

  9. I saw the actual vid that was exactly the same procedure as this one and then heavy was a BIG BOSS BEAST and doc was flashing this beam as him so his engine heart would power up

  10. Does it really piss off anyone else that he completely gives up when he loses the lungs?
    You only need the heart to be in.
    Anything else you remove does not need to be replaced.

  11. Actually: In Meet the Medic, The medic uses something else, and also demonstrates heavy that the UBER technology apparatus attachment would not work with normal hearts, but is sure that the Heavy's heart would work, which explodes from the UBER object, then takes out the Baboon heart, then it works with the UBER object.

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