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100 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL! | Doctor Mike

  1. Hi doctor, I had cancer before, I am so young and never smoked or drank before, but I got mouth cancer. I lost my toungue and my jaw, I am not a beautiful girl anymore. I am still alive but my wishes all died! I hope this channel can help people to be aware of cancer! Please follow me on instagram fayban234

  2. Hey Doctor Mike, I am an RN, but with my own life long health issue. You see, I was born with a very rare heart defect……absent pericardium! I live in Canada and was given the prediction to live till my 8th birthday because the previous known 4 diagnosed had passed. I am now 43 years old with 2 biological kids. I am blessed to live this long, with so many complications ( PEx2 and Mitral Valve and Tricuspid Valve leaks etc….). Both my babies have normal hearts…Thank GOD!!! I know there are people out there that are going through this same issue with little support. Do you think you can do a tiny blip on your popular channel to bring light to this unique diagnosis so people know they are not alone……as I did…do. I want to thank the doctors, nurses and staff at Toronto Sick Kids for helping me live the life I always wanted!!!! They did the first surgery of its kind …a sling with Gortex ( You guys are amazing, thank you from myself and my family….we honestly can't thank you enough!!!!). Don't stop doing what your doing Dr.Mike! We need Doctors like you to help us all live a better life! ❤💕

  3. Hello doctor I know I am gonna ask funny qus but can you tell me is it possible a normal eyed parents give birth to blue green brown baby?? if yes then how?? by genes or some foods????🙇🙇🙇

  4. Hello I’m new to your channel
    I will be watching for videos and I will be commenting and probably asking questions as well.

  5. I must know is the saying , "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" offensive to doctors, also is it somewhat true🤔, where did this saying come from??

  6. Hello Just sponsored on my feed what's your speciality like which disease do you treat ?
    And I wanna share I also wanna be a doctor it's my parents wish more than mine I love being doctor. I've applied in medical university This September my admission will be confirmed Hopefully no trouble happens nd I will start studying ♡ soon. I've struggled so much Faced too much anxiety tensed out even lost myself. Its not easy as it looks like. So I will request to every student whoever is thinking to pursue this field… Health is wealth Ok !!! Try your best but if you don't get admission in medical uni then don't risk your lives.
    My hair started falling out I used to have thick amount of them which suddenly reduced to thin layer. My young white glowing skin turned to pale I lost too much weight even my periods got disturbed with continuous pressure so I faced anemia too yea so point to tell all these things is that don't risk your lives … we are responsible of our own. I ve experienced I must say you'll students every profession is good if we want to make it. Keep struggling but be healthy ♡
    Wish me goodluck … cause I've faced and waited too much desperately waiting for my medical university/ classes now♡

  7. You’re only a D.O……..am I supposed to take you seriously? Your lack of intelligence that enabled you to be a MD…shows in your foolish videos.

  8. I want to become a great, capable and good-looking doctor as you are and I will achieve my goal.

  9. Dr. Mike really good looking most handsome guy.
    Please make a video on height increase after 18.This is my request please reply me. Thank you.

  10. Hi Doctor Mike! Can you please make a video on whether or not protein powders are safe to take for weight loss?

  11. Hi doctor. Can you also make a video about best doctor. Its a korean drama which is consist of 20 episodes and it was consists of many2 surgeries and medical stuffs. Please please ill wait for the video. Thank you


  12. hey Dr mike
    it's Aadil from India
    tell me how to overcome stress
    actually i'm in college , science student
    I belong from a middle class family
    my dream is to complete my further education from U.S
    but due my conditions i can't
    I pray to my lord that you read this message and kindly get me a solution for this …
    Your little fan Aadil sayyed

  13. Hey, you don't need to review this on your page but it's well worth watching if you've not seen it before. I'm a Radiation Oncology Registrar from the Uk currently working in New Zealand and saw this episode of hospital. A tv crew was in a London Major Trauma Centre when there was a terrorist incident and they were fortunate enough to capture the whole fallout and hospitals response. No acting or recreating the events, just filmed live with real reactions. A very powerful episode and hope you enjoy.


  14. Hi doctor Mike . You are a piece of lying scum. You know nothing about vaccines and you drink Big Pharma come . You are responsible for so much suffering with your dealing of death biased BS.

  15. I’m very shy to assist a very handsome doctor.. 😄 I always wish I understand whatever doctor orders he told me😅

  16. Hey Doctor Mike, found an impostor account on here, already reported it, but figured you may want to report them, as well. Keep uploading awesome & useful medical content! (always love when the dogs are on, though, lol). Here's the link to the impostor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmLJnJjAz2wtksgwciXl1g

  17. Doctor Mike, I'm soo happy and thankful to God almighty for letting me know about you 😇. I must say … you are wrapped up of wonderful things, things that can change one's perspective .
    Let all your wishes come true…..😊
    And yea… ur cute😘

  18. Can you make a video where you address Dr Stephen Gundry's studies/theory? He's so popular with the healthy nutrition movement, etc. Specifically, the harmful nature of lectins. Thanks!

  19. Can you review "Cells at work" ? It's a tv show (animated) about the human body and everyone says it's super accurate. Would love to see your reaction to it!

  20. Hi doctor my mom is having cataract surgery and has diabetes but does not take diabetes meds is mom going to be bleind thank you bless you and yours

  21. I have a question doctor Mike. You've mentioned about shows like House and Grey's Anatomy that the writers don't know anything about medical situations so, why can't they have an on call doctor in the writers room so that they can brainstorm to make a medical episode for television?

  22. And….. notice that the pet isn't a cat, which would promptly lick itself in the background of one of the camera shots.. thereby ruining it and instead a providing an undignified photobomb… .. it's a a dog.. cool!

  23. Well I feel like I've been living under a rock and maybe I have since starting dental school. One of your videos just popped up on my YouTube feed and I couldn't resist watching. So glad I did, because you are fun to watch and you seem very well educated. You give very good suggestions and recommendations. Love watching you! 🙂

  24. When you say ask questions is that limited? I have had something happened a year ago and not one Dr I've been to can figure it out

  25. Hi Dr.Mike,

    I started watching your videos recently and really enjoy learning about all the topics you talk about. Is it possible that you make a video where you talk to us about your childhood when moving to the U.S.? Or what your first year in medical school was like?

  26. Hey doctor mike, this is my first time I know you and I'm in love with being doctor😭😭bileive or not I'm crying 😢 every single day to achieve my dreams and being doctor and I hope after this year I will be that God willing 🙏 and stay the contact with you coz I'm in 12 grade this year wish me luck like uraelf to be successful doctor like you.

  27. Can we post our questions here?

    If so, I have questions about one of my chronic illnesses. It seems most doctors and/or specialists don’t know what it is. I’ve recently relocated and can’t afford to see a GI right now because California is weird and won’t take my insurance but do you happen to know anything about Gastroparesis?

  28. I've heard many times that you shouldn't put cotton swabs in your ears, but what about in-ear headphones? Do these compact earwax the same way that q-tips do? Should I be looking for over the ear headphones?

  29. Dear Doctor Mike,
    U r super amazing! You are not only a handsome person on the outside but such a beautiful and wonderful person on the inside as well. You’re not only an inspiration to so many people around us but also super funny, entertaining, and talented, and we learn so much from you about our health and how we can help others. I’m just starting my journey to be a nurse practitioner and I’m so glad i found you. You’re my new role model and i want to help as many people just like you. God bless you Doctor Mike! 😇

  30. What, you don't make enough "commissions" from the pharmaceutical companies? You need to have a YouTube channel to rake in the bucks?

  31. Doctor my skin or my whole body is so black. Is there any way to become white skin? If there upload all videos regarding this.
    Follow me on Instagram: You Can See Me

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