Why Risk Taking ADHD Medication?

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The following is taken from ADHD
Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions. Better the devil you know or
so we think. The problem with ADHD is that whole poor at self-assessment issue, because we have nothing else to compare it to. ADHD
is very heritable there’s a strong genetic component, this is how we come into the world,. We’re so used to the chaos we can be forgiven for not being
able to imagine that we could experience this world in any other way. Yes I sensed
that medication might allow me to do some things faster with less stress, less
chaos, some positive outcomes, but what I didn’t appreciate was that it also might
prevent me from experiencing some negative outcomes. Ones that most of us
never consider. Dr Ari Tuckman: So all that stuff that we know about how ADHD makes your life
harder, you know might we want to consider that in this equation as well? Dr Hallowell: When people talk about the side effects of medication I say fine we can talk
about that but let’s also talk about the side effects of not taking the
medication. Dr Lenard Adler: I would tell the parents that it’s again never easy to medicate a
child but there are consequences to not treating the ADHD. Dr Ari Tuckman: and that’s very well documented there’s pounds and pounds of research on the effects that ADHD has
when it’s untreated. Dr Adler: we know that there are clear issues in educational
attainment. Dr Adler:and it’s everything from you know for kids, higher rates of school
failure, more likely to drop out of high school, less likely to go to college if
they do go they’re less likely to graduate. Rick Green: In other words we don’t remember the lessons so we don’t do as well in school as we could we flunk out
or drop out or fail to finish our degree we opt for a lesser degree, we take a job
that’s beneath our skill level, we’re far more likely to be fired or have our
business go under or go bankrupt ourselves, and now many of us have report cards saying could do better if he only paid attention more, could do better
if she only listened. Dr Donsky: it’s the untreated disorder
that puts people at risk. That’s crucial Dr Adler: We don’t treat the ADHD we know the risk of substance use goes way up. Dr Donsky: If you are impulsive and if your ADHD has not been
treated you might find yourself taking more risks as a teenager and getting
involved. If in fact you’re more organized competent functional you’re
less likely to resort to those sorts of street drugs and things. Rick Green: if I could just find a really good organizing system or or maybe join a gym or something. This
time for sure Rocky. Every January a brand new agenda full of fresh hope, plus
the renewed commitment to buckle down stick to it, and then by mid-february uh
didn’t have an agenda or something and then next January a brand new organizing
system. I wanted to build personal habits. I actually had personal habits. They
weren’t good and I was trying to see a better way, but I needed something to
help me focus. That’s why. Dr Adler: Medications for adults tend to play a bit more of a
primary role as compared to children because adults have lived with these
symptoms for all of their lives. hi I’m Rick green while you’re clicking
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20 thoughts on “Why Risk Taking ADHD Medication?

  1. I started taking Adderall a couple years ago. My doctor asked me the first check up after starting it, how is it going. I still remember my response.

    Instead of sitting around all day thinking about the things I should be doing. I thought I need to take a shower. The next thing I knew my clothes were laid out I was in the shower thinking about what I should do next after this. The procrastination was lessened, and my ability to take care of what I needed to was amazing. I don’t ever want to go back.

    There is no addiction to the drug like people say. I still forget to take my pill, but I know when I do because I make plans and wait for it to kick in. Can I function without it, yes… but why should I?

  2. All too well do I feel the implications aka “side-effects” of not taking the medications. After years of trying to live without them I’ve gone back to taking them an it’s really helped me.

    People think that taking stimulants puts undue stress on your heart, but I can honestly say that the anxiety that comes through being in debt and fearing that your job will vanish due to lack of performance did way more to raise my blood pressure and heart rate than the meds have.

    Between your channel and How To ADHD, I realised I should give the meds another try. Glad I did :):):) thank you for the amazing content as always

  3. Microdosing psilocybin has turned my life around when dealing with my ADD. I'm far more functional and successful for it now.

  4. My husband and son are ADHD. And now at 42 years old, I am finally connecting the dots and realizing that I also have ADHD. It never made sense that I could always do well in school in subjects that interested me, but subjects that I wasn’t interested in, I had major retention problems. My report cards always had the note, “doesn’t work up to potential”.

    I was never able to finish college. I asked my doctor why things seem so much harder for me than it does for typical adults. He just shrugged his shoulders and suggested I see a counselor.

    I do not advise other people do this… but I took one of my husband’s Adderalls this morning (on his suggestion), and I have been more productive today than I have been in the past month combined. I’m getting laundry done and FINALLY decluttering our master bedroom. 👍🏻

    I see our family doctor this coming up Monday. He is very familiar with ADHD, autism, and the like. I will definitely be asking for my own meds.

    I now believe that all of the years that I was misdiagnosed with depression, it was really just a lack of motivation and ADHD.

  5. diagnosed at 48, 48 years of thinking about what I want to do, now 2 years of doing what I want (and need!) to do, it's a no brainer for me, life is good I never thought I would say that … ever !

  6. I am a poster child for the consequences of never being properly diagnosed or treated with a severe disability .
    The health issues I have today are all directly related to a person whom has a severe disability that has never been properly diagnosed or treated .
    The list reads like my medical records and they have an in-depth explanation as to why .
    When I was in school they did not know what to call it or how to deal with it they just shoved you through and every year gets darker .
    People pick on you because you are different and kids listen to what their parents are saying against a child who is disabled and there is not an obvious reason that explains it .
    I was also horrifically abused . The combination results in Instant no hesitation reactions my childhood was dangerous on top of being disabled .
    When I was a child I would fight a full grown man to the death without hesitation and did. When I was eight I was with my buddy going to his house. When he opened the door I saw his mother with her boyfriend on top of her beating her to a pulp . I do not remember entering the house I was just on top of this creep beating him anyway and every way I could . The mother left the house and called the police after this guy ran for his life from a group of kids who are now armed with weapons . With this reality his survival instinct kicked in and he ran for his life. The police thought he was drunk and laughed when he fell on his face when they went after him . What they realized after my statement was that this guy is not drunk he is suffering severe brain trauma because of the blunt force I provided him with. I had two fists of hair and drove my nee’s into his head with everything I had. He shucked me twice I bounced right back . The police were taking him to jail he radioed the cop with the creep and told him that he is not drunk and told him that he needs the emergency room .
    The cop keyed the mike and made this guy tell him that he needs to go to emergency because of what these children did to him upon entering the house and seeing him beating their mother.
    He was handcuffed to a bed for a week they picked him up after court was closed for the long weekend that he spent in jail . And every single person who was put in jail over the long weekend knew what happened to this guy and who did this to him . He was charged with assaulting his girlfriend and was completely humiliated by the judge .
    He was forced to leave town because he was no longer safe at night and it would be a death sentence if he went to the bar .
    So I am the big Hero right. My buddies mother took me for lunch to thank me for saving her from a beating. She then pleaded with me to no longer play with her son because he is not like you and now believes that he can beat the crap out of a full grown man. He will be killed or hurt . A kid with my life understood what her fear was and did not need convincing . I happily complied .
    I did not want my buddy killed or hurt because of what I did I had enough to haunt my memories with already I did not want anymore then I already had.
    Why am I telling you all this ??? . This is a normal life for a child who has disabilities he doesn’t know about and believes what adults have said to him. I knew I was not like everyone else and believed that I deserved everything that happened to me .
    I had kids of my own before I knew the truth about why I was and that it is not a crime to be disabled and people had no rights to judge me and hurt me because of what they had no clue about.
    People are aware they discriminated against someone who is horrifically abused and severely disabled .

    There is no advantage to anyone who is disabled in a world so critical of others.
    When people realize what they have done it is a negative thing to them. When teachers shove children through school and then find out what they have done to these children.
    They realize that they punished the child they were to be their for the most. They discriminated against and punished severely disabled children because they did not know.
    I know teachers crying their eyes out because of the System that employed them
    A school curriculum they were not responsible for they were employees .
    Children whom are severely disabled and have never been properly diagnosed and or treated do not become productive people in society because of lack of education .
    People whom have above average intelligence working for not much more than minimum wage wallow in depression .
    I was retired at age 47 because of saver health issues that are a Direct result of living the childhood I was forced to live .
    I am on disability I will not live to be an old man .
    I become a target because I am alone and different. They watched and allowed this to go on.
    How do you believe the people involved in my childhood feel after they Knew the truth??
    How do you believed teachers felt after years of shoving disable children through this system so unforgiving and without mercy .
    There is no advantage in condemning people with disabilities not to the disabled or the people who ignored this and shove them through . Then these children never become productive people in society they become drug addicts and alcoholics .
    They are angry at the world for the way they were treated and abused.
    They rebel against the Society that abuse them and condemn them .
    I am told that I am the exact opposite person that I should be as a result of my childhood .
    I do not understand how you can be horrifically abused only to become the abuser the person you detest the most .
    Nothing good will ever come from discrimination and abuse .
    I know many people who have killed themselves because they were never accepted by others and when they realize that they are now The abuser . Suicide is the number one solution .

  7. Thank you. Always worth reminding the people of the importance of looking at the treatment of the condition in a balanced way. 👴🏻🇦🇺

  8. My body doesn't tolerate central stimulants at all, and I am sad about that. I took them for a couple of years and they did make a difference for me, but the side effects unfortunately made it unbearable for me to continue.
    I still keep an eye out for new ADHD meds and hope for a new chance.

  9. I went on meds for a couple of months after I was diagnosed but I have tried other things since then. I am using fish oil and tried coconut oil which seems to work. The problem with the coconut oil is everything you put it in tastes of coconut oil. For that reason I switched to MCT oil and knowing what being on meds feels like and I must say the MCT oil feels like being on meds. I am a teacher and that is really not a good job for a person with ADHD but I seem to be doing ok.

  10. Hear, hear. This is a brutally sensible message. ADHD is a real disease, and must be treated as such. That means medicine.

    Compare ADHD to high cholesterol. Yes, you can address it with diet and exercise. But the overwhelming proportion of the causes are genetic. And like cholesterol, the condition doesn’t directly precipitate a bad event, but rather paves the way for them to happen.

    Like cholesterol, I can lower my ADHD with a diet of good habits and the exercise of self control. But without meds, it will continue to create catastrophes of inattention. The direct cause of missed opportunities, failure and misery.

    I was diagnosed at 58, and given Ritalin. The difference was night and day. Like many ADHDers, I am so unaddicted that I often forget to take the pills 7 til I notice my own behavior.

    We can sometimes focus too much on side effects, and too little on effects.

  11. One thing to consider, stimulants are not the only ADHD medication. If you have a legitimate concern about the stimulants (such as being treated for a high heart rate), there are medications that lower heart rate and help with ADHD. Guanfacine is one such example.

  12. Some people with ADHD experience absolutely no improvement of symptoms from any medication. It would be nice if this reality was acknowleged. OTOH, you won't know if you don't try, will you?

  13. This is the video I needed when I was a kid, when I wondered why I was so awful even when I tried my hardest.

    Finally confronting my adhd at age 25. It pains me that I didn’t get professional help sooner. Unfortunately ADHD in girls is often missed, being written off as being a “day-dreamer.”

    Thanks for sharing ❤️

  14. I'm 50 and was diagnosed adhd very recently. I have had a very difficult life because of it and had a mental breakdown and a bad depressive episode in December.

    I've started methylphenidate (Ritalin) and this is the first time in my entire life I have felt relaxed and focused. I can't believe how I feel now. I feel like I'm finally living rather than just existing.

    Don't reject the idea of medication without first trying it.

  15. I was kind of hoping to hear from the other side as well. I have a psychiatrist that refuses to prescribe ADHD medication even though I was diagnosed with it from another doctor, and I have family history. He refuses to talk about it as well. Unfortunately he is the only psychiatrist available to me for many miles. I wish that I could hear his reasons.

  16. There are not enough thanks that could be given. I am on day 2, day one I barely noticed except for being a bit calmer and being a better listener, today I listened in my morning meetings and participated. Engaged with others, it was kind of incredible. My son had a iep meeting today. I mentioned what I was going through getting diagnosed and instantly started crying. It’s so difficult to see my son with so many of the same symptoms as I have had and more. They were incredibly responsive and have been using some great techniques to help him. Hopefully he and his mom will be open to trying medication for him. I have been praying for an easier life for him. To realize his potential. Just to know that it doesn’t have to be the way it was for me. Running and hiding from everything for so long. Learning about ADHD these last few months has been like waking up in a different world.

  17. If anyone is considering medication I would certainly recommend trying it at least. It has been 5 days since starting Vyvance. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life already. It is kinda strange to think a stimulant actually relaxes me and slows me down. I could document 20 things a day that have changed/improved. Eg. I noticed while climbing a set of stairs being medicated I actually look down at the stairs and I'm thinking about climbing the stairs. Normally I would have a dozen things going through my mind and naturally I regularly trip or stub my toe etc. It is a very strange feeling to be that focused for me. I always new I had ADHD to an extent but it has really come to a head being retired and taking on larger projects and way too many of them. I was beginning to feel like life was in total chaos and I was getting angrier and angrier at losing things, clutter, hurting myself and before I would finish one thing I had 10 more ideas of things I wanted to do. I never felt like I was accomplishing anything despite the fact that I have so many things happening. I think the worse thing for me was getting moving. I just found it so difficult to get the day started. Now I'm moving at 8am. This is a great channel and hopefully helps many people.

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